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Welcome to our Resources section. This is where you will find information on our software and how our clients use it to improve the critical processes that drive their businesses. We will ask for contact details for some of the resources you find here; please know that we will never sell your information or share with with third parties.

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CMIS compliant autoclassification PDF

Search and CMS integrations

Semaphore, Smartlogic's content intelligence platform connects to CMIS compliant content management systems including Documentum, OpenText, FileNet, Alfresco and others that adhere to the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) protocol. Semaphore’s CMIS connector brings the power of Semaphore’s model-driven classification and entity extraction to CMIS compliant content management systems - without lengthy and costly custom integration.

Optimize Oil and Gas operations PDF

Autoclassification, Text analytics

Using Smartlogic's Semaphore, oil and gas companies have applied the principles of content intelligence to increase productivity and decrease their regulatory exposure. By harmonizing the business vocabulary and analyzing and describing all content consistently, they've reduced the number of maintenance incidents that are caused by out of date or missing documentation and they've improved their ability to comply with regulatory requirements and manage their complex and detailed documentation.

Heavy manufacturing case study PDF

Autoclassification, Improved search, Text analytics

A leading drug manufacturer wanted to reduce the costs associated with failed manufacturing runs, product defects and wasted effort in the drug manufacturing pipeline. Using Smartlogic's Semaphore, they successfully addressed this problem by mining the content intelligence hidden away in their unstructured content making it accessesable to the right people at the right time.

TRADOC handles mission critical information with Smartlogic Semaphore PDF

Government and intelligence, Improved search

TRADOC deployed Smartlogic's Semaphore, to integrate with their existing content repositories and search engines to improve their search fidelty. By creating a model and classifying documents their search of the documents returned 80 to 90% of the documents that were expected based on detailed knowledge of the content. More Importantly, the search results included documents that are related to the concept being searched, but which do not specifically mention the searched concept.

Unlock the value in content to drive better business decisions PDF

Autoclassification, Improved search, Text analytics

IDC surveyed 2,155 organzations across 6 countries to identify those with a high Knowledge Quotient. IDC identified organizations that are able to extract more value out of the information available to them. What are these leaders doing better or differently than others? How are they combining new technology and processes as well as empowering staff to unlock the hidden value of information? What are the benefits that these organizations are achieving? What are the lessons learned from these organizations, and how can they help others achieve similar results?

Semaphore overview PDF

Classification Server, Ontology Manager, Text Miner, Autoclassification, Improved search, Metadata, Search and CMS integrations, Taxonomies and ontologies, Text analytics

Smartlogic‘s Semaphore is the leading Content Intelligence software solution that augments traditional information management systems like enterprise search, content management and business workflow engines by capturing the the hidden intelligence found in unstructured content (ie. important topics, resources and people), creating a model (list, taxonomy or ontology) and then using the model to classify content and enrich it to result in a complete enterprise information management platform.

Text Miner helps build your taxonomy PDF

Text Miner, Taxonomies and ontologies

Smartlogic's Semaphore Text Miner uses complex noun phrase and entity extraction algorithms to analyze files and extract candidate terms and phrases, provide statistical counts and frequencies of the terms in the content, group terms by similar phrase content, and provide a display snippet to see the term in its original context. The mined content is then used to build and enhance a model for review using the actual terms used by the business. Building a classification model this way improves subject matter expert adoption and reduces the taxonomy development cycle.

Improving your Google Search Appliance Implementation video Video

Improved search, Metadata, Search and CMS integrations

Semaphore, Smartlogic's Content Intelligence platform, helps you make the most of the Google Search Appliance so that you find information quickly and more reliably. Semaphore adds a layer of metadata to the GSA Index which is used in conjunction with text searches to return highly relevant documents – appropriately ranking them so that the most relevant results appear to the user first. In addition, Semaphore builds on the friendly and familiar Google interface so that users can filter, refine and explore search results for internal and external content.

Recorded Webinar: Content Intelligence for Knowledge Acquisition Video

Autoclassification, Text analytics

Hear how RTI International is using Content Intelligence for Knowledge Acquisition & Reuse to get rapid and accurate access to 50 years' of research in order to improve the quality, cost-management, and ultimate success of its new business pitches; avoid duplication of work; and identify relevant experts for current bids and projects. Speakers: Diglio Simoni, RTI International, Jeannine Bartlett, Earley & Associates, Toby Conrad, Smartlogic

SharePoint Better Metadata PDF

Metadata, SharePoint and O365

Smartlogic understands the value of complete and consistent metadata and how it enhances the SharePoint experience. The synergy between SharePoint and Semaphore – Smartlogic’s Content Intelligence platform - with its enhanced taxonomy and ontology management, easy to use Web Parts, accurate classification and metadata will minimize SharePoint complexity and increase your ability to find answers, discover trends and make data driven business decisions.

Classification Server white paper PDF

Classification Server, Autoclassification, Text analytics

Smartlogic's Classification Server derives high quality information from text that organizations use to make better business decisions, drive business processes, innovate, automate and meet regulatory requirements. Classification Server's approach to classifying content combines precise rulebases and natural language processing to give users the best of both worlds – accurate classification results with the ease of automation – reducing the costs, time and pain of content classification drastically.

Enhance Solr search with better metadata PDF

Improved search, Metadata, Search and CMS integrations

Semaphore, Smartlogic's Content Intelligence platform, helps you make the most of Apache Lucene/Solr so that you find the information you need, when you need it. Solr's powerful full-text and faceted search, dynamic clustering, database integration, rich document handling and high scalability becomes an increasingly powerful tool when combined with Semaphore. Semaphore adds a metadata layer to the Solr Index to enhance search results and Solr uses the metadata in conjunction with text searches to return highly relevant documents – and influences ranking to help the most relevant results appear to the user first.

Ontology Manager white paper PDF

Ontology Manager, Taxonomies and ontologies

With Ontology Manager, organizations can create taxonomies, ontologies or other types of classification models that represent the concepts, topics, products, market segments and organizational structures that are important to your organizations' needs and structure. Ontology Manager is one of the core components of Semaphore, Smartlogic's Content Intelligence platform, incorporating it into your organization will harness the value in your unstructured content to result in data-driven business decisions.

Pharmaceutical pipeline white paper PDF

Autoclassification, Improved search, Text analytics

A leading life sciences company researches, develops and produces drugs, they need to manage their pipeline to maximize the development process. A large store of valuable knowledge is locked up in the documentation of other projects, lab notes, other clinical trials, earlier models and previous experiments. The information is housed in different silos and has multiple formats. The volume and variety of the data make manual processing unfeasible. Smartlogic Semaphore, the Content Intelligence platform empowers pharma companies to model, classify and manage their unstructured content to drive down costs and increase efficiency in drug development.

Semantic Enchancement Server fact sheet PDF

Search and CMS integrations

Semaphore Semantic Enhancement Server (SES) results in an exceptional user search experiences. SES is a high-speed XML-based index that can query an ontology or taxonomy in real-time and provide user interface components such as, Topic Maps, Faceted Search, Visualization, Topic Pages, and Related Content giving users additional navigational aids for content exploration.

Advanced Language Packs fact sheet PDF

Classification Server, Ontology Manager, Autoclassification, Text analytics

Semaphore Advanced Language Packs encapsulate the tokenisation, lemmatisation, and parts of speech tagging for specific languages. When deployed on Classification Server, it allows users to analyze the sequences of the part-of-speech tags assigned to words to identify and type noun phrases, extending its ability to return additional noun phrases, suggest entities and facts. Additionally, Advanced Language Packs bring an improved level of language processing for operations such as term stemming and tokenizing that can be used to improve the accuracy of rule-based classification logic.

Why I Need Content Intelligence PDF

Autoclassification, Improved search, Text analytics

Computers have a difficult time determining meaning in unstructured text – and there is too much of it for humans to cope with. Consequently, the vast majority of the enterprise’s human intelligence – those man-years of experience that every organization has – isn't used to drive key organizational decisions. Content intelligence is the solution to this problem and Smartlogic Semaphore is the bridge. 

The role of content intelligence in Big Data analytics PDF

Classification Server, Ontology Manager, Text Miner, Improved search, Metadata, Text analytics

Big Data spans three dimensions; the increasing volume (amount of data), velocity (of change), and variety (range of data types, sources) of data flowing into organizations. The power of Smartlogic's Content Intelligence platform allows organizations to classify, analyze and make data-driven business decisions to gain a competitive advantage.

Renewal Certificate of Networthiness PDF

Government and intelligence

Smartlogic Receives Renewal Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from U. S. Army. The Semaphore 3.x product suite was granted a Certificate of Networthiness after a rigorous evaluation verifying that it meets the US Army’s strictest requirements for security, reliability, integration and sustainability.

Improve knowledge management from development to manufacturing Video

Classification Server, Ontology Manager, Text Miner, Autoclassification, Improved search, Metadata, Taxonomies and ontologies, Text analytics

Commercializing a promising drug can take 6 to 10 years, followed by a decade long manufacture period which undergoes continuous process improvement. Along the way, the enterprise accumulates information about formulations, manufacturing methods and supply chain details from:

  • A wide variety of groups across the enterprise 
  • With each group using language and vocabulary specific to their business unit
  • Housed in disparte locations and in different formats

Effective knowledge management is essential for bridging these pockets to drive reuse across groups and products. Making content findable decreases development time, avoids manufacturing delays and leads to higher quality.

Hear Merck representatives Adam Duckworth, Associate Director, Knowledge Management Center of Excellence (KM CoE), and Douglas Arnold, Director, Account Manager of Pipeline and Knowledge Management, MMD Information Technology, as they talk about how they're using Semaphore to improve knowledge flow across all stages of the drug development and manufacturing pipeline.

Slips Trips and Falls Value Statement PDF

Text analytics

Each year one in three individuals over the age of seventy-five will experience a fall. In four out of ten incidents the result will lead to hospitalization, a long period of immobilization and recovery, surgery or in some cases death. As the population ages, this problem becomes more acute and more expensive.

Learn how a senior care agency applied the power of Content Intelligence and predictive analytics to their disparate data sources to identify individuals at risk of falling in order to improve patient care and reduce overall costs.

The inforamation was:

  • From different sources; patient records, nurses notes and social workers observations
  • Housed in separate silos
  • In different formats and nomenclature

Using Smartlogic Semphore they automated the process of extracting relevant facts from the individual data stores and associaed them to identify patients at risk. They combined the facts with next-generation graph-based search tools, to explore the content, identify patterns, look for relationships and arrange preventive intervention before a serious event occurred.

Semaphore in a nutshell Video

Classification Server, Ontology Manager, Text Miner, Autoclassification, Improved search, Metadata, Search and CMS integrations, Taxonomies and ontologies

Understanding the context and meaning of words is the science of semantics. Search engines are great at indexing words but there not so great at understanding a user’s information seeking behavior. What if search could:

  • Provide suggestions
  • Display predictive type ahead
  • Apply intelligent filters to narrow search results
  • Return pages that are specifically about the desired topic

Smartlogic Semaphore provides a set of services that knowledge managers, information scientists and user experience designers need to capture the context and meaning of the language used in your organization and integrate it into any application that helps users create, manage or use that information. Let's face it, language is complex, simplify with Semaphore.

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“People are now actually using search, and we have just begin to expose the knowledge that is available in the organization.”

— Phil Lanzafame, IT Director at Sentara Healthcare