Interpret your model with Semaphore Rulebase Generator for fast and flexible results

Semaphore Rulebase Generator (SRG) creates model-driven rulebases by extracting the concepts, labels and relationships from within your taxonomy or ontology. We pass these rulebases to Semaphore Classification Server to result in a precise, consistent and complete set of rules that drive content classification.

Model-driven versus Statistical Rule-bases

The building of a taxonomy or ontology is simply the first step. In order to derive real value you must put your model to work in the classification process. Yet not all metadata extraction processes are equal, some organizations “teach” or train their software using algorithms and learning and others, like Smartlogic, use a model-driven rule-based approach.

Semaphore derives its rules from the taxonomy or ontology. You can start with an internal model, an existing industry model, an out-of-the-box model from Smartlogic or mine sample content with Text Miner and then import it into Semaphore Ontology Editor. We publish the model and create rulebases; a series of templates, which eliminate lengthy rule writing processes that can be quickly modified to achieve specific outcomes in the classification process. Rule-based processes provide greater precision and let you:

  • Quickly examine the behavior of a rule so problems can be immediately addressed. This transparent process is key to precise and consistent results.
  • Use rule-based classifiers across document collections – Semaphore rulebases are not dependent on the information in a specific document collection – rulebases can be applied to new collections without modifications or lengthy processes.
  • Simplify rule generation and publication – Semaphore rulebases are generated from the model and can be quickly customized to reflect your content. Rule publication has never been simpler; rules are published with a single click of a button.
  • Provide greater flexibility than statistical classification results. Algorithms and learning methods require re-training when new information is encountered. This learning process is time consuming, costly and impacts an organizations ability to make strategic business decisions based on newly acquired information.

With Semaphore Rulebase Generator, organizations can incorporate new information into their model and immediately reap the benefits with a level of precision others can only achieve after a long period of “teaching and tuning.” Semaphore’s approach lets you immediately incorporate new information into decision-making processes to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Rulebase Generator Features

Semaphore’s Rulebase Generator, lets subject matter experts and information scientists focus their efforts on building a model that reflects the topics, concepts, entities and the relationships among them that reflect your organization without extensive training. SRG provides a feature rich set of rules, templates and mechanisms to result in sophisticated automatic classification results using:

  • Twenty (20) customizable business rule types, multiple control attributes, expressions and wildcard strategies.
  • Mechanisms to precisely tune and manage rulebase results to remove ambiguity - for example, the concept Apple might reference a company, fruit, singer or New York City: SRG provides mechanisms to help you differentiate between these concepts.
  • Concept weighting – concepts with in the model are weighted based on their ability to discriminate specific topics. Classification scores are adjusted according to the frequency of a concept; where it is located within a document (i.e. header, body, footer etc.) and its context – what it’s about – within the content.
  • Associated concepts - identifies content, which is about a specific concept as opposed to content that merely mentions a topic. For example, the technology company Apple can be associated with other concepts iPhone, Steve Jobs or alternative labels AAPL, Apple Inc. and even negative evidence such as, the Big Apple or Fiona Apple.

Semaphore Rulebase Generator Drives Classification Results

Semaphore Rulebase Generator lets you create a set of rules that precisely match the unique characteristics of the enterprise. Our taxonomy and ontology management platform combines with rulebase templates to generate a set of rules, which are unique to your organization and are used to generate precise and consistent metadata tags in the classification process.

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