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Semaphore for the Google Search Appliance


Product Sheet


Semaphore Enterprise Semantic Platform Delivers Semantic Search

Semaphore has been integrated with a number of enterprise search applications, including the Google Search Appliance (GSA), Solr, and Microsoft FAST, to add semantic processing capabilities to these search engines to provide:

  • Accurate and consistently applied metadata and classification.
  • An ontology-driven solution that improves findability.
  • A better search-navigation experience, whatever the search engine.

Benefits of Google Search Appliance Solution

Improve Enterprise Search Results with Semaphore and the GSA

Semaphore adds a new level of sophisticated navigation on top of the interface provided by a Google Search Appliance. Semaphore automatically tags documents with metadata of the source documents and directly places these documents into the GSA index to improve relevancy in enterprise scenarios.  This takes the GSA from a “search engine” to a “find and discover” engine.

Complete Taxonomy and Facet Navigation Support for the GSA

Semaphore works with the GSA and adds complete support for taxonomies, ontologies, automated classification and metadata, providing a superior solution to that offered by the most expensive search vendors.

As a result of integrating Semaphore with the GSA, organizations can:

  • Rapidly build, import and manage taxonomies and ontologies.
  • Organize Google results according to a taxonomy by utilizing sophisticated rule-based analysis of text – the most accurate and controllable approach to classification.
  • Enhance the Google enterprise search experience by allowing users to navigate topics, identify areas of interest, explore related topics and locate expertise and resources.
  • Integrate information and applications from around and beyond the organization seamlessly for users.