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Semantics in the DoD

Smartlogic Receives U.S. Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN): read the press release for more information.

When federal agencies need information at their fingertips, they use Semaphore

We help Federal agencies such as The Department of Justice, The U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Health and Human Services' Head Start, NASA, United States Forces Korea, and the National Science Foundation solve search and organization problems on SharePoint, the Google Search Appliance, Solr, Marklogic and more. We have cleared engineers on staff who can begin work on Federal projects immediately.

Smartlogic’s Semaphore is helping agencies across the U.S. government better organize content while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Semaphore endows content management and search platforms with auto-classification capabilities that are driven by taxonomy and ontology management. Following are some details about how Federal agencies are currently using Semaphore to help find, organize, process, monetize, control and govern unstructured content.

The Office of Justice Programs at the Department of Justice is using Semaphore to help disseminate state-of-the art knowledge and crime fighting practices to all levels of U.S. law enforcement. Semaphore adds a semantic metadata layer to OJP content stored on multiple platforms, including SharePoint, the Grant Management System, networked shared drives, and Exchange public folders and individual inboxes. The Google Search Appliances leverages that metadata to return highly relevant results to searchers, and helps the OJP support its law enforcement partners.

At Head Start, the Department of Health and Human Services uses Semaphore the number of users of its website and enrich their experience through better navigation and search. At Head Start, Semaphore integrates with the content management system, Hyperwave, and the Google Search Appliance.

NASA is using Semaphore for SharePoint to auto-classify 50 years’ of documents on manned space flight. NASA’s process is collaborative – allowing them to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge spread across decades of employees and retirees of Johnson Space Center.

The U.S. government at United States Forces Korea (USFK) uses Semaphore to improve document search performance. USFK developed a taxonomy containing operationally-based terminologies and mission-oriented controlled vocabularies and used Semaphore to auto-classify content and apply metadata to improve search and retrieval in SharePoint.

USFK also migrated multiple SharePoint portals operating on the primary Command and Control system in Korea, known as CENTRIXS-K. CENTRIXS-K is a dual-language system and operates on a DoD accredited Secret ROK/US network, servicing both US and Republic of Korea military and government users. Before Semaphore was approved for integration with the CENTRIXS-K system the Networthiness agency at Ft. Huachuca, AZ, granted Smartlogic a US Certificate of Networthiness, and the Designated Approval Authority granted Smartlogic a local, USFK Authority to Connect for the CENTRIXS-K system.