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Solutions Overview

Make your content count with Semaphore

Semaphore's Content Intelligence solutions power risk management and regulatory compliance, provide superior customer service and relationship management, enhance information findability for key audiences, and improve the ability to monetize information. Organizations and governments worldwide use Semaphore to:

  • comply with the complex regulations around Dodd-Frank, FATCA, and KYC;
  • improve the efficiency and quality of content development for the commodities market;
  • maximize return on investment in research data by making it easier to find, interpret and apply;
  • manage and find records and information essential to heavy asset maintenance in oil field operations;
  • enable decision support using information stored in content management, search and graph databases;
  • improve self-service for millions of customers using products from the world’s most advanced manufacturers;
  • on-board clients in the financial industry;
  • create quality news feeds for media clients and websites; and
  • vastly improve search on websites and intranets so that users get highly relevant results.

Clients from industries such as

  • banking and finance
  • insurance
  • oil and gas
  • media
  • retail
  • technology and computer science
  • pharmaceutical and other life sciences

use Semaphore to solve their information management needs.