Search across data stores and make search engines more powerful

Semaphore integrates with the major enterprise content management (ECM) systems such as SharePoint, OpenText, Documentum, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), SDL, Alfresco and sitecore, and search engines like Google Search Appliance, Apache Solr, Lucidworks and IBM Watson Explorer to help organizations solve search and content governance issues.

Semaphore also integrates with many databases, analytics and data visualization tools like AllegroGraph, Tableau, MarkLogic, and SDL.

Today the volume of data within an organization is growing at an exponential rate. Maintaining information about your organization, employees, processes, industries, partners and clients doesn’t result in increased revenue, the creation of new products, the ability to meet customer needs, cure diseases or comply with regulatory requirements. To do these things, you need to understand and use the information locked within your data. Semaphore can help you do that – no matter where your data is stored or how you access it.

Any system with sufficient API / Interface access to third party software can be Semaphore-enabled. Our partners have taken advantage of Semaphore published APIs to connect to various other applications such as:

  • EPiServer Web Content Manager
  • Alterian Content Manager (formerly Immediacy Web Content Manager)
  • HP Trim Document and Records Management System
  • OpenText (formerly Hummingbird Document Management System and Valid Records Management)
  • SAXOTECH Mediaware Center
  • portal infrastructure and content management system
  • MarkLogic XML Server
  • Custom Oracle-based applications
  • Amaxus Web Content Management System

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