Realize the full power of Solr search with Semaphore

Semaphore, Smartlogic's Content Intelligence platform, helps you make the most of Apache Lucene/Solr so you can find the information you need, when you need it.

With Semaphore, users can quit sifting through hundreds of documents and go directly to the documents that are on the subject they are searching for. What's more, they can discover related documents that might not match their query exactly but that are on the same subject – looking for moon buggy will return documents about moon rovers and lunar roving vehicle as well.

Solr becomes an even more powerful tool when combined with Semaphore, which adds a layer of metadata to the Solr Index alongside the free-text index record of the content, dramatically enhancing search results through a machine-readable understanding of blocks of text and that provides both precision and recall for searchers.

Navigate topics, identify areas of interest, explore related topics, and locate expertise and resources with Semaphore's Solr integration.

  • Accurate metadata increases precision and recall for users
  • Ennhanced navigation
  • Visual taxonomy/ontology explorer support

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