Oracle WebCenter Content

Advance your metadata to the next level, improve your user search and retrieval experience, save time, money and reduce frustration by integrating Smartlogic Semaphore with your WebCenter Content management system.

The Oracle WebCenter Content is an enterprise hub for storing and managing your organizational content. Yet as the volume of your content increases, finding what you need becomes difficult. Precise tagging and classification of your content becomes a user burden and is often done in a hurried and imprecise manner or not at all.

Taxonomy driven classification is the hallmark of Semaphore Classification Server. As you create your model the concepts, terms and relationships identified become the contextual patterns which are used to apply precise, concise and appropriate metadata tags to each document.

Using the TEAM Informatics connector, this auto classification process augments your WebCenter Content to efficiently drive records management, respond to governmental compliance, harmonize data, secure sensitive information, drive workflows, and enhance analytics and aid e-discovery. The result; machine assisted, reliably consistent content and a compelling and intuitive user search and discovery experience.


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