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May 22, 2015 Classification Server, Ontology Manager, Autoclassification, Improved search, Search and CMS integrations, Article

Why Enterprise Search Doesn't Work - by Charlie Holland, by Editor

Basic search works by examining the text in a group of documents and building an index of their contents. Then a user comes along and queries that index using a particular word or phrase. Sounds as though it’ll do the job doesn’t it? But what if there are millions of documents which contain the same words, how do you know which document(s) have the information you’re looking for and of those, which are the most relevant? That’s where things get a bit tricky.

May 18, 2015 Classification Server, Ontology Manager, Government and intelligence, Improved search, Metadata, Taxonomies and ontologies, Text analytics, Article

Why Information Managment is Important - Jeremy Bentley - CEO Smartlogic, by Editor

Information is the foundation of every organization. Those with accurate, reliable and timely information have an economic advantage over their competitors. Best practices, found within best-in-class organizations, dictate that information be treated in the same manner as other valuable assets and, regardless of their type, assets require careful management, thoughtful governance, and strategic consideration in their use and control.

May 05, 2015 Article

Smartlogic Presents: Intelligent Content is Good for Business at MarkLogic World 2015, by Ann Kelly

Semantic technology is being used by companies like Monsanto, Thomson Reuters and KPMG to harmonize structured and unstructured information from multiple data silos and external sources to deliver game-changing business value. Companies that combine the capabilities of Smartlogic and MarkLogic are reporting more agile websites, smarter analytics, streamlined business processes and true findability. Toby Conrad, Smartlogic SVP Americas, Anne Lapkin, Smartlogic SVP Global Strategies and Joe Pasqua, MarkLogic SVP Product Strategy discuss how Smartlogic and MarkLogic have worked closely together to integrate their technologies for ontology management, natural language processing, triple store and semantic search offering customers the leading platform for intelligent content.

April 20, 2015 Article

MarkLogic World 2015 Video Interview: Jeremy Bentley, by Brent Baker

MarkLogic World 2015 Video Interview: Jeremy Bentley, CEO, Smartlogic spoke with John Furrier and Jeff Kelly on Content Intelligence and the competitive advantage organizations can gain by unlocking the value in their unstructured content. In the interview, Bentley talked about how "Content intelligence" is the starting point for an explosion of innovation in the content space and gave a great history of information systems.

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“People are now actually using search, and we have just begin to expose the knowledge that is available in the organization.”

— Phil Lanzafame, IT Director at Sentara Healthcare