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Posted: July 29, 2015

Smartlogic Semaphore Newsletter: July 2015

by Ann Kelly

Exciting things are happening at Smartlogic. We continue to help our existing and new customers solve business problems with Semaphore. We’ve been updating our website based on user feedback and our social media presence is growing. Our product development team is working hard on Semaphore 4, we’re welcoming new staff, hosting online training, speaking at conferences and hosting webinars. Read all about it in our July newsletter.

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Posted: July 20, 2015

Semaphore Empowers Life Science Organizations

by Ann Kelly

Since I started at Smartlogic I’ve spent more time lately looking at news associated with the markets we serve. Today, life sciences companies face many challenges from rising development costs to increased government regulation and reporting to profitability demands from directors, boards and shareholders. And if that weren’t enough, like many organizations they’re battling an influx of structured and unstructured information coming at them from a wide variety of sources in many formats.

While most companies have a place to store and manage their structured data it’s interesting to note that most of the valuable intelligence organizations have can’t be processed using traditional technologies. They need a technology that can unlock the value in the unstructured data; here’s where Smartlogic can help.

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Posted: July 02, 2015

Metadata Extraction and Classification; Ontology or Statistically Derived?

by Ann Kelly

Let’s face it, if you’re like most organizations you have more data than you can manage and the amount of data flowing into your systems is increasing at a rate faster than you can handle. You’ve most likely implemented a content management system with the confidence that your problems are solved, another item checked off your list right?

Yet as you begin to organize data, your folder structures become complex. With increased document volumes, accurate and precise manual tagging and classification of your content becomes a burden and is often done in a hurried and imprecise manner (or not at all) which means that not only is it difficult to find content, but the metadata that you depend on for proper information governance is missing. 

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Posted: June 26, 2015

Surviving without Content Intelligence - Chapter 3

by Steve Ingram

A story in 3 parts wherein Archie the Architect tries to build a Single View of the Customer without using Content Intelligence.

Chapter 3: Archie’s having problems with his Relationship(s)

The story so far…

Many, many months ago, the Board of Peck Templeton (a company that sells lots of stuff) decided to create a “Single View of the Customer” to meet a number of challenges in the short and medium term. They entrusted the project to an experienced Architect named Archie, and now have an MDM implementation and a shiny new Hadoop cluster. Unfortunately, Archie doesn’t know anything about Content Intelligence, which is why they still don’t have a Single View of the Customer, despite months of effort.

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Posted: May 22, 2015

Why Enterprise Search Doesn't Work

by Charlie Holland

Basic search works by examining the text in a group of documents and building an index of their contents. Then a user comes along and queries that index using a particular word or phrase. Sounds as though it’ll do the job doesn’t it? But what if there are millions of documents which contain the same words, how do you know which document(s) have the information you’re looking for and of those, which are the most relevant? That’s where things get a bit tricky.

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Classification Server, Ontology Manager, Autoclassification, Improved search, Search and CMS integrations, Article

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