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Welcome to our Resources section. This is where you will find deeper information on our software and how our clients use it to improve the critical processes that make their businesses thrive. We will ask for contact details for some of the resources you find here; please know that we will never sell your information or share with with third parties.

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Semaphore overview PDF

Classification Server, Ontology Manager, Text Miner, Autoclassification, Improved search, Metadata, Search and CMS integrations, Taxonomies and ontologies, Text analytics

Smartlogic‘s Semaphore is the leading Content Intelligence software solution that augments traditional information management systems like enterprise search, content management and business workflow engines by capturing the the hidden intelligence found in unstructured content (ie. important topics, resources and people), creating a model (list, taxonomy or ontology) and then using the model to classify content and enrich it to result in a complete enterprise information management platform.

Classification Server white paper PDF

Classification Server, Autoclassification, Text analytics

Smartlogic's Classification Server derives high quality information from text that organizations use to make better business decisions, drive business processes, innovate, automate and meet regulatory requirements. Classification Server's approach to classifying content combines precise rulebases and natural language processing to give users the best of both worlds – accurate classification results with the ease of automation – reducing the costs, time and pain of content classification drastically.

Advanced Language Packs fact sheet PDF

Classification Server, Ontology Manager, Autoclassification, Text analytics

Semaphore Advanced Language Packs encapsulate the tokenisation, lemmatisation, and parts of speech tagging for specific languages. When deployed on Classification Server, it allows users to analyze the sequences of the part-of-speech tags assigned to words to identify and type noun phrases, extending its ability to return additional noun phrases, suggest entities and facts. Additionally, Advanced Language Packs bring an improved level of language processing for operations such as term stemming and tokenizing that can be used to improve the accuracy of rule-based classification logic.

The role of content intelligence in Big Data analytics PDF

Classification Server, Ontology Manager, Text Miner, Improved search, Metadata, Text analytics

Big Data spans three dimensions; the increasing volume (amount of data), velocity (of change), and variety (range of data types, sources) of data flowing into organizations. The power of Smartlogic's Content Intelligence platform allows organizations to classify, analyze and make data-driven business decisions to gain a competitive advantage.

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