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Power text analytics with Semaphore's tools

Semaphore's Text Analytics Tools

Discoverability and Findability

Smartlogic's Content Intelligence software, Semaphore, finds the meaning in volumes of unstructured text by performing the following text analytics functions:
  • part-of-speech tagging,
  • word sense disambiguation,
  • word stemming,
  • term analysis,
  • entity recognition/entity extraction,
  • fact extraction,
  • text mining,
  • natural language processing, and
  • relationship recognition.
The resulting metadata drives discoverability (the ability to find unknown information, patterns, and connections within text) and findability (the ability to search for connections). That metadata can also be exported as linked data and used for:
  • semantic processing,
  • records and workflow governance,
  • customizable and tunable opinion capture,
  • sentiment analysis,
  • advanced content compliance,
  • concept relationship mapping,
  • document typing, and
  • visualization.

Semaphore uses a rule-based engine combined with a statistical-based natural language processing engine to categorize content. Ontologies define relationships found in that content. The combination delivers the quality of a rule-based system with the speed of statistical text analytics.

Because text analytics works best when domain or subject matter experts moderate the process, Semaphore gives you control of how your content is categorized and has an easy to use interface so experts can collaborate on projects.

As a result, you can better leverage your content by data mining internal and external sources, such as:

  • e-mail,
  • news articles,
  • reports,
  • call and video transcripts,
  • research papers,
  • blog entries, and
  • social media

and can make faster business decisions based on a high-level view of your data, and recognize trends and spot business opportunities.

Applied in a multitude of industries, customers and environments, Semaphore unlocks the hidden value of your content through text analytics.

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