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Find value in content and empower business intelligence

Computers have a difficult time determining meaning in unstructured text – and there is too much of it for humans to cope with. Consequently, the vast majority of the enterprise’s human intelligence – those man-years of experience that every organization has – is not being used to drive business decisions. Content intelligence is the solution to this problem.

When you consider the massive volume increases in content and the speed at which the business demands it be processed, it's clear that organizations can no longer rely on manual application of metadata. The ability to make the content "self-describing" is an economic imperative – not just a "nice to have". Smartlogic Semaphore is the content intelligence platform that makes content self-describing.


Understanding all the content that exists in an organization – controlling it, enabling users to access it, find it, reuse it and repurpose it – drastically enhances the efficiency of the organization.


Better Analytics

Through fact and sentiment extraction the analysis can be fed to downstream applications, such as content management systems, search engines and data stores, to create content flow, reports on products, information governance processes, and many other types of applications that rely on extracting data from text.


Taxonomy & Ontology

Define what is important to your organization, your industry and your business processes by creating a classification model with Ontology Manager.


Improve Search

Leave frustrating search behind, save time, and increase efficiency with semantic search.


Information Governance

Applying content intelligence to information governance enables organizations to reduce storage costs, mitigate litigation, reputation and regulatory risks and allows users to more quickly find the information, knowledge and expertise they need.


Text Analytics

Define what is meaningful to your organization so you can analyze your content for important, valuable insights.


Visualize Content

A visual reference guide which shows how terms are related to other terms in the ontology model. It also shows all  metadata and synonyms for the term under review.


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“It’s always tricky to make two distinct products work together, but I’ve been really impressed by your collaboration. This is a great example of Metalogix and SmartLogic working together to make our mutual customer successful.”

— Sanjay Singh, Product Manager, Metalogix Replicator