Professional Services

Keeping pace with our customers’ changing needs and market demands while maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality

Our Professional Services team work with clients to maximize their return on investment with Semaphore. We do this through rapid implementation and integration, product optimization, consulting for continuous improvement and support of daily business operations.

Our team of Smartlogic experts have experience in the Semaphore product suite, information science, model management, classification, triple/graph store, integration, content management, enterprise search and semantically powered user experience.

We engage with clients early and follow each engagement from project startup to consulting, delivery and operational support. Throughout each engagement we ensure that key knowledge is transferred to your team to ensure a smooth transition and self-sufficiency in managing the Semaphore environment.

We work closely with our client’s technical personnel to install Semaphore into their environment and ensure disruptions of existing applications are minimized. Our Information Scientists work closely with client information management staff and subject matter experts to define models and build classification strategies that result in successful project outcomes. We work with new and existing clients to provide optimization and health check services that further improve performance and maximize value.