Semantic AI - Making Great Data and Making Data Great

May 23, 2019 , Online Webinar

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In today’s business environment information is the most valuable competitive resource in an organization. The need to extract information from structured and unstructured sources - internal or external to the organization - and integrate it into existing systems for use in key business decisions is critical to prevent revenue leakage, minimize risk, accelerate growth, and gain insight.

As humans, understanding everyday language and the meanings of words is easy. Transferring these same capabilities to a machine – not simple. Technologies like natural language processing (NLP), AI, and machine learning (ML) combined with Semantic Web technologies derive context and meaning from information in a consistent and reusable way.

Organizations use Semantic AI platforms like Semaphore to augment existing systems to deliver perceptive Insight Engines, enriched process automation, agile predictive analytics, and exceptional knowledge management.

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