Semantic Hubs Enhance Search across Knowledge Sources

November 18, 2020 , Online Webinar

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Organizational know-how often resides in multiple repositories, databases, and other platforms, with their own content classification and search features; this includes legacy systems that may no longer be maintained but still have highly relevant content. Finding the information you need when you need it can be very challenging and time-consuming in this environment.

In pharmaceutical development, as in many other industries, this imposes real costs such as lengthy development and manufacturing cycles, regulatory compliance, and quality management. Finding “who’s solved this issue before” may mean multiple searches across different systems and personal networks.

Semantic Hubs provide a common framework for describing and classifying content across disparate sources, enabling a unified search experience and faster access to enterprise knowledge.

Join Matt Beaugard, Industry practitioner, Simon Trussler, Director at Iknow LLC, and Gerard Rebalsky, Director Sales and Marketing Operations, Smartlogic, on Wednesday, November 18th at 11 am Eastern. You will hear a live discussion about the practical challenges and benefits of building and utilizing a semantic hub and how to take knowledge management to the next level.

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