Stem information leakage in manufacturing

Manufacturing companies improve knowledge transfer across all stages of product development and manufacture with Semaphore. Taking a product through research and development, prototype manufacturing to industrial scale manufacturing is a process that can take anywhere from three to 10 years. Semaphore bridges the pockets of knowledge that manufacturing companies accumulate during research and development.

IDC estimates that a company with 1,000 knowledge workers will lose between $2.5 to $3.5 million a year as workers waste time searching for and recreating missing information. There are also opportunity costs as productivity is lost to searching. This does not take into account the hard costs associated with production delays, supply chain failures and increases in product defect rates.

One pharmaceutical manufacturer estimates that it will save close to $30 million over five years by improving the quality of their information in just one manufacturing area. Those savings account for human error only; that does not include reduction in manufacturing defects and production delays. Other companies quote similarly impressive numbers. One client studied the reduction in the amount of time that it took their field service engineers to find the information they needed. “We measured a 46% savings in direct impact on the workforce,” said the project sponsor. “We did not believe the result, so we measured again using a different methodology, and we got the same answer.”