Sentara Healthcare - Improving search for healthcare professionals

Many people working in today’s healthcare organizations don’t sit in front of a computer. Their days consist of seeing patients, managing patient records and balancing compliance efforts with improving patient care and decreasing costs. Their inundated with information coming from multiple sources and in a variety of formats and vocabularies. The ability to make sense of and process this information manually is unfeasible.

Sentara Healthcare engaged with Smartlogic to create Everest Search; a cataloging system to discover and keep track of all reports within the enterprise so users could:

  • Find the right information at the right time
  • Reduce duplication
  • Address reporting gaps

Today, Sentara’s user search experience provides trusted and relevant results and they have charted a course to integrate additional reports and documents into the system. The partnership between Sentara and Smartlogic has achieved initial goals and expanded the solution to provide greater support for healthcare providers and by extension the patients they serve.

To learn how Sentara Healthcare used the power of Semaphore, Smartlogic’s semantic platform to power their employee self-service portal and improve search and retrieval for enterprise reports download our case study