Energy & Utilities

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Trends in ​Energy & Utilities

A perfect storm of political, economic and environmental factors continue to disrupt and transform the energy sector. As the price of fossil fuels continues to plummet, political pressure from world leaders increases and technical advancements increase efficiency and open the door to cyber-attacks, organizations need to deploy innovative strategies and
technologies to transform and grow their business.

​Our Approach

Energy and Utility organizations deploy Semaphore to increase operational efficiency, maximize current and future revenue streams, secure intellectual property, and implement information governance best practices to reduce risk and improve ROI.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Harmonize business vocabularies and consistently tag all enterprise information to reduce the number of maintenance incidents caused by out of date or missing information.

Maximize Revenue Streams

Enrich contracts with precise, complete, and consistent metadata to ensure revenues, royalties, and agreements are in place.

Secure Intellectual Property

Leverage document fingerprinting to intelligently identify and secure assets that contain sensitive information or trade secrets.

Decrease Regulatory Exposure.

Apply metadata to identify, remove, and archive duplicate and out of date information to effectively comply with regulatory requirements.

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