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Energy organizations around the world face a number of competing challenges; from rapidly changing economic climates and regulation, to environmental issues to stakeholder expectations, they need a solution that improves the availability, quality and utilization of enterprise information.

Today asset information is dispersed throughout the organization; on shared drives, personal folders, in centralized document management systems and in databases. The volume and diversity of the information make it difficult – if not impossible – to effectively unify, manage and leverage the hidden intelligence locked within their information to:

  • Identify, analyze and contextualize all information to drive business intelligence and analytics
  • Effectively manage and govern information to comply with governmental mandates to avoid fines and sanctions
  • Support efficient operations

With Semaphore’s ontology management, auto classification and semantic search tools, energy organizaitons can unify information from disparate silos, precisely and consistently tag all information assets and improve user search and retrieval to drive analytics, manage information governance and support efficient operations.

Semaphore an Enterprise-Grade Semantic Platform

Semaphore, is an enterprise-grade, semantic solution that integrates with content management systems, workflow and search engines, business applications and new generation databases to solve complex problems that traditional technologies cannot.

Semaphore is the combination of semantic technology and information science that allows machines to model, interpret, describe, analyze and visualize the content of the enterprise in order to leverage the human intelligence locked in that content. Semaphore brings structure to the unstructured, scales to manage organizational volumes, and supports industry-standard semantic technologies.

With Semaphore organizations can:

  • Extract value from information – automatically extract the concepts, topics, entities, facts, relationships and sentiment from each information asset and express them as semantic industry-standard RDF triples.
  • Make sense of data – Classification Server semantically enriches and applies context to unstructured information using classification models to uncover important facts and key information.
  • Discover new relationships – use the contextually rich triples to identify relationships and brings them to light in real-time, to visualize and discover new insights.
  • Aggregate and link disparate data sources – unify and link information from disparate sources to provide a complete picture of enterprise information; organizations can make informed key decisions.
  • Drive relevant search – leverage model and metadata information to deliver a compelling search and retrieval experience. Semaphore Integrates with major search engines to find, discover, analyze and govern content.

With Semaphore, organizations can derive real business value, unify and make sense of unstructured information, discover patterns and trends and drive relevant search to improve operations and maintain competitive advantage.

The Semaphore Solution

The price of asset optimization is costly yet energy companies must optimize; assets are their business. Managing assets with an incomplete picture leads to lower profits and increased risk. With Semaphore’s semantic platform, energy organizations can apply Content Intelligence strategies to their information to:

  • Increase productivity – the right information can be found by the right person at the right time to drive effectiveness and efficiency in operations.
  • Effectively maintain and repair energy assets – the ability to perform timely maintenance, repair and inspections are key to utilization and ROI. The ability to quickly access schematics, safety information and maintenance records, help field operations maintain asset health and worker efficiency when repairs are required.
  • Decrease regulatory exposure – creating a business vocabulary and using it to consistently interpret, analyze, and describe all information assets, reduces the number of maintenance incidents that are the result of out-of-date or missing information.
  • Drive increased revenue – effectively identify and take advantage of all available revenue streams by analyzing existing contracts and agreements.
  • Secure intellectual property – the ability to identify and secure information assets protects enterprise trade secrets, patents and intellectual property. Organizations continue to maintain competitive advantage.
  • Improve contract management – mine contract information so that royalty amounts and percentages are applied appropriately and paid to the appropriate party.

With Semaphore, energy companies can increase productivity, maximize current and future revenue streams, improve contract management, secure intellectual property and leverage information governance best practices to reduce organizational risk and improve ROI.

Learn how one Oil and Gas company used Smartlogic’s Semaphore to drive efficient asset operations and reduce costs.

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