Financial Services

Whether you operate in capital markets, banking, or the insurance industry, you need solid information to make decisions that drive positive organization, stakeholder and customer outcomes. As the volume of data flowing into financial organizations continues to increase, the ability to rapidly access, manage and make sense of it in order to improve information management, comply with regulatory requirements and transform information into products and services is key to managing risk and improving ROI.

Smartlogic understands the value complete information brings to the financial services marketplace. Semaphore enables you to quickly make sense of and unify all information into a single platform to drive analytics, comply with regulation and generate new revenue streams to reduce risk and increase profits.

Regardless of the sector, financial services organizations are looking for enterprise-grade solutions that allow them to:

  • Unify and harmonize a variety of data types from disparate sources to provide a single view of the organization.
  • Provide relevant information to a broad range of internal and external stakeholders in real-time for analysis, reporting and management.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory mandates such as, Dodd-Frank, Volcker, and KYC and MiFID-II to decrease organizational and reputational risk and avoid sanctions.

Semaphore is an enterprise-grade platform that helps financial services organizations worldwide unify their disparate information sources into a single view to power their business.

Improve Information Management

Finding the right information at the right time is key to successful outcomes in financial service organizations. The ability to monitor market changes and developing trends and combine them with internal information sources is crucial to information management and key decision making.


  • Unifies structured, semi-structured and unstructured information and applies precise and consistent metadata to derive meaning and gain insight in real-time.
  • Lets knowledge workers locate relevant information to drive analytics and fuel research activities with minimal effort.

Integrating information from diverse sources is easier with Semaphore. Our ontology management and classification tools allow you to model the concepts, topics, products and markets that reflect the unique characteristics of your organization. We use this model to drive our sophisticated classification service, which uses Natural Language Processing and entity and fact extraction processes to apply precise, consistent and complete metadata to each asset, so that customers can find and leverage their information to improve business outcomes.

Create a Culture of Compliance

Semaphore supports the concerns and requirements of today’s financial services organizations. Our ontology management, auto classification, search and visualization tools help organizations create a culture of compliance that:

  • Provides a mechanism to secure sensitive information to comply with personally identifiable information (PII) requirements.
  • Creates consistent and transparent processes to audit and manage information that support records management policies and procedures.
  • Provides a framework that supports the rapid implementation of regulatory changes and addresses compliance requirements.
  • Reduces costs, time and resources associated with eDiscovery and litigation.
  • Integrates and supports the Financial Industry Business Ontology Vocabulary (FIBO V) - For more information:
    View our FIBO industry page

The ability to effectively secure enterprise information and comply with regulations will reduce risk and avoid sanctions. The Semaphore platform is designed to help financial organizations achieve these goals.

Transform Information into Products and Services

While the responsibility identifying new opportunities and creating new offers may reside in a particular department, the process from concept to offer requires the coordinated effort of nearly every department in the enterprise.

The information required to bring a new product to the market is locked up in department, project and personal repositories. It comes in a variety of formats and the terminology is familiar to each domain. Using Semaphore, financial services organizations can:

  • Unify all information – structured, semi-structured and unstructured – into an integrated metadata hub to discover new opportunities and drive innovation.
  • Use a common vocabulary to drive the product and services development process – information to support regulatory and legal filings, operations, registration, marketing, distribution and product launch activities are quickly identified, analyzed and used to support new market opportunities.
  • Enhance user search and retrieval – the right information is presented to the right person at the right time – improving speed to market and driving change.

The combination of relevant information and the right tools will improve the process of creating new products and services and monetize financial services information to create new revenue streams that exceed customer expectations, improve profits and gain marketplace advantage.