High Tech & Manufacturing

Leading high tech organizations are competing against each other to increase market share while dealing with slim operating margins, high capital expenditures, shorter product lifecycles and global supply chain management.

They are increasingly aware of the need to differentiate themselves by offering quality products at a reasonable cost with excellent technical support and customer service. Yet as products become more complex and market competition increases, organizations are concerned that organizational efficiency and support costs will consume already thinning profit margins.

Smartlogic’s Semaphore provides the tools and technologies that high tech organizations need to support operational efficiency, improve customer and technical support and exceed customer expectations.

Improve operational efficiency

In order to compete, high tech organizations must be able to efficiently deliver their products and services to the marketplace. The volume of information associated with their technologies in the form of product catalogs, marketing campaigns, product manuals, customer support information, lists and online forums is scattered throughout the enterprise. The need to unify all information and make it available to the business is crucial to maintaining market position. To be effective:

  • Information must flow freely across the enterprise – complete information surrounding sales, expenses and supply chains must be available for analysis and decision-making.
  • Competitive intelligence must be timely and accurate – information about competing products and services is needed to analyze trends and market and customer desires.
  • New products and product information must be incorporated in real-time without disrupting the current information state.
  • Content components are reusable – the ability to tag and locate relevant content components saves time and costs associated with content recreation and rework.
  • Intellectual property is secure – the ability to identify and secure information assets to protect trade secrets, patents and intellectual property so that organizations continue to maintain competitive advantage.

The Semaphore platform helps organizations unify disparate information sources. Our Classification Server applies precise and consistent metadata to all information assets so users can find the right information at the right time to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Streamline customer support

Recent studies estimate that software companies spend approximately 8% of their total revenue on customer technical support. When organizations identify technical support as a key differentiator, the ability to locate relevant information, respond to customer issues and close inquiries in a single call is essential. When incidents are not resolved quickly, client satisfaction is affected, making the next sale more difficult. To be effective:

  • Information about products, services, solutions and resolutions must be readily available so that customer issues can be resolved in a single interaction.
  • Provide self-service resolution options – to do this all information must be appropriately tagged and search and retrieval is contextually aware.
  • Proactive identification of system issues and timely resolution will improve customer satisfaction, organizational reputation and sales.

Semaphore’s, sophisticated semantic platform, provides high tech organizations with the tools and technology to unify internal and external information sources to drive collaboration, decrease support calls and improve customer satisfaction. With Semaphore:

  • Organizations use Semaphore Ontology Editor to create a model that reflects the topics, concepts, market segments and unique characteristics of their business domain.
  • Rulebase Generator creates rulebases by extracting the concepts, labels and relationships directly from the model. Semaphore Classification Server combines the rulebases, with Natural Language Processing, entity and fact extraction and topic, theme and sentiment classification strategies to examine each document and apply precise, complete and consistent metadata.
  • Semantic Enhancement Server and Search Application Framework provide users with a relevant search and retrieval experience. The right information can be found at the right time to resolve issues promptly and efficiently.

At Smartlogic, we work with global high tech organizations to improve information access across the enterprise. Our enterprise-grade, semantic platform unifies all information, applies precise, complete and consistent metadata and drives superior search and retrieval. With Semaphore, high tech organizations can manage costs, safeguard trade secrets and effectively manage customer expectations.

To learn how one high tech organization used Content Intelligence and Smartlogic’s Semaphore to improve customer expectations download our case study.