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Trends in High Tech

High Tech organizations must change their mindset from creating cool new products to developing new solutions that will enable products and services. To be successful, they can no longer focus on what they make but on how they improve, engage, and enhance the customer experience with their products.

Our Approach

Global High Tech organization use Semaphore’s Semantic AI capabilities to improve information access across the enterprise, safeguard trade secrets, make data-driven decisions, and drive customer experience.

Improve Information Access

Semaphore’s model management, auto-classification, and extraction capabilities provide the context and meaning that organizations use to make information available across the enterprise.

Safeguard Trade Secrets

Semaphore leverages document fingerprinting to identify assets that contain sensitive or proprietary information and provides a mechanism to secure them at that system, application or endpoint level.

Support Data-driven Decisions

Semaphore reliably processes information and provides real-time, qualified contextual data to people, processes, and systems used for decision-making.

Drive Customer Experience

Harmonize language using a semantic model so customers can find the information they need when they need it to save time and increase satisfaction. Semaphore supports product and service recommendations and enables organizations to solve problems before th

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