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Trends in Media & Publishing

In today’s hyper-connected world the focus on digital media presents publishers, information providers, and media organizations with unique challenges; from content lifecycle and digital supply chain management to meeting constantly changing consumer expectations and information needs.

​Our Approach

Semaphore empowers Media and Publishing organizations to deliver a state-of-the-art semantic platform that provides quality, compelling, and personalized content to their customers on whatever platform they choose.

Content Life-cycle Management

Semaphore’s model management, auto-classification, and extraction capabilities enable organizations to implement a systematic approach to content reuse, extract more value from their intellectual property, and monetize existing information for new markets.

Digital Supply Chain Management

Semaphore’s precise and consistent metadata applies the context and meaning organizations use to protect their investment in content creation, maintenance, and delivery. Content reuse is a strategic tool and an effective approach for cost savings.


Our Semantic AI platform allows organizations to compete and thrive in the digital publishing age. Semaphore makes content relevant and provides a mechanism to interpret how customers interact and consume your digital information.

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