Life Sciences

Driving efficiencies in Life Sciences with Semaphore

Trends in Life Sciences

Life Sciences organizations face many challenges; development costs are skyrocketing; government regulations are increasing; the business is demanding profitability for their shareholders. To remain competitive, companies must implement Semantic AI technologies to unlock the value in unstructured information to reduce organizational and regulatory exposure, decrease time and cost of new drug development, and make manufacturing processes more efficient.

Our Approach

Semaphore, our Semantic AI platform, supports Life Sciences organizations product knowledge capture, adverse event reporting, clinical trial management, improved drug development pipeline as well as other initiatives. Semaphore’s model management, metadata enrichment, information extraction, search, and visualization tools operate on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid mode.

Product Knowledge Capture

Harmonize multi-stage product knowledge and tag information assets with complete, accurate, and consistent metadata that describes all facets of what the document is about to drive an insightful user search experience.

Adverse Event Reporting

Automatically process thousands of diversely formatted, textual reports housed in multiple silos to extract the relevant facts required for regulatory reporting.

Clinical Trail Management

Accurately classified documents allow research and medical staff to find the information associated with a particular clinical trial, saving time and reducing the risk of not having information for decision-making.

Improve the Drug Development Pipeline

Generate rich metadata that allows researchers to discover the relevant knowledge from the appropriate content store to identify unsuccessful drugs early in the development process - saving money and freeing up valuable resources for other projects.

Supply Chain Management

Drive efficiencies when calculating time-sensitive lane management analytics to evaluate lane effectiveness, ensure medicines are delivered on time, and in-transit spoilage is identified and minimized.

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