Retail & Consumer Products

Enhance the Consumer Experience with Semaphore and Semantic AI

Trends in Retail & Consumer Products​

Driven by a customer-centric approach, retail and consumer product organizations are rapidly responding to market trends, understanding consumer preferences, and creating one-on-one connections with their customers in new and innovative ways.

​Our Approach

Semaphore enables process automation, drives AI-based product and service innovations and augments decision-making. Our customers derive real value from personalized products, online recommendations and timely service for an enhanced customer journey and a 360 customer view.

Consumer Experience

Create differentiated consumer experiences that happen across channels to drive engagement and increase satisfaction

Personal Shopping Services

Provide omni-channel personalized shopping experiences to build visitor interest and convert shoppers to customers

Cross Sell & Up Sell Marketing

Leverage customer insights to increase product and promotion uptake

Online Catalog Management

Optimize catalogs to deliver an engaging consumer experience and prevent abandonment

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