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Google Search Appliance

Incorporating metadata improves search results

With Semaphore, wading through data to find what you’re looking for is a thing of the past. With a single search you can quickly locate information associated with your topic as well as information that is related. For example, a search for moon buggy will return documents associated with moon buggy as well as moon rovers and lunar roving vehicle.

Semaphore’s user friendly interface to the GSA hides the hard core mechanics that provide quality metadata reflective of a machine-readable understanding of blocks of text to result in improved precision and recall.

You can quickly navigate topics, identify areas of interest, explore related topics, and locate expertise and resources with Semaphore’s Google Search Appliance integration.

Semaphore enhances Google Search Appliance with:

  • Quality metadata derived from auto-classification of information assets
  • Accurate, complete and consistent search results
  • Improved information discovery by enhancing the Google enterprise search experience
  • Filtering and navigation based on metadata fields
  • Identification and exploration of related topics and areas of interest
  • Taxonomy or ontology based classification
  • Visual taxonomy/ontology explorer support
  • Auto-classification of information using the Google Search Appliance

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