Anne Lapkin

Senior Vice President for Global Strategy

Anne Lapkin has 30 years of experience helping companies extract value from information, and she uses her deep understanding of enterprise information issues to guide Smartlogic’s product and communication strategies. Anne loves challenges – both at work and at home. She recently adopted a wild mustang, Mace, and spends much of her free time convincing him that she is not a predator who is going to eat him. Before joining Smartlogic, Anne spent 10 years as a research vice president at Gartner, where she managed the information management research agenda and was responsible for all Gartner research on big data, information management and governance, information infrastructure, data quality and data integration. She studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and speaks fluent Hebrew and English and enough French to order her dinner and keep up with the news. Every summer, Anne hosts a community garden where she and her neighbors grow vegetables and herbs to share.