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Smart Cities use Civil Analytics to Drive Change

On: May 01, 2017, by: Ann Kelly

Big data technologies are changing the way cities work. Today, mayors and other city officials are tapping all kinds of data to make their cities safer, healthier and more efficient. From providing information to residents about available parking, to guiding health inspectors to high-risk restaurants to proactively identifying households that are most likely to experience a fatal fire and take corrective action that eliminates the risk - the use of civic analytics is on the rise.

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Transforming government data into business information

On: April 24, 2017, by: Smartlogic

Doing business with the US government - the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world (more than $2 trillion each year) - isn’t easy. One of the biggest challenges that organizations face is finding opportunities that match their capabilities and corporate objectives. The core problem is that each Government agency describes solicitations such as bids, RFP’s, amendments, advance notices, awards, etc., using their own vocabulary and vendors search for leads using their products, services and industry terminology. Simple keyword search cannot resolve this diversity of language and often opportunities associated with a vendor’s industry, products and services are missed.

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Audit, migrate and manage enterprise information with Semaphore

On: April 10, 2017, by: Smartlogic

The cornerstone to a solid information strategy is the ability to retain the information you need, discard what you don’t and provide all stakeholders within the enterprise the information they require. Knowing what information exists in the enterprise is key to protecting intellectual property and minimizing exposure to risk...

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NASA’s Common Metadata Repository Drives Earth Observation Data

On: March 21, 2017, by: Smartlogic

NASA’s Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) provides full and open access to more than 17.5 petabytes of Earth observation data. To give an idea of how much data this represents, 1 petabyte is equivalent to approximately 20 million 4 drawer filing cabinets filled with text. By 2020 the EOSDIS data archive is estimated to be approximately 65 petabytes and by 2025 it will to grow to more than 330 petabytes.

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Smartlogic Named in Top 62 Companies for Text Analytics

On: February 23, 2017, by: Ann Kelly

Predictive Analytics Today names Smartlogic's Semaphore one of 62 top software platforms for text analysis, text mining and text analytics.

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Smartlogic announces Semaphore Cloud Development - Saas for Partners and Developers

On: February 14, 2017, by: Ann Kelly

Smartlogic announces the release of Semaphore Cloud Development, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that brings Smartlogic’s award-winning Semaphore platform to developers and startups that want to incorporate semantic capabilities in their solutions.

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Smartlogic announces Semaphore Cloud a new Software as a Service platform

On: February 01, 2017, by: Ann Kelly

Smartlogic announces the release of Semaphore Cloud, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that brings Smartlogic’s award-winning Semaphore platform to small and midsized organizations and enterprise departments that want to incorporate semantic capabilities in their organization.

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Life Sciences organizations use Semaphore to solve business challenges

On: January 24, 2017, by: Ann Kelly

In today’s marketplace, Life Sciences companies face many challenges; development costs are skyrocketing, government regulation and reporting requirements are changing and directors and boards are demanding profitability for their shareholders. At the same time, they’re inundated with increasing volumes of structured and unstructured information from a wide variety of sources in multiple formats at a velocity that continues to rise.

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Firefighting with Big Data

On: January 17, 2017, by: Ann Kelly

On any given day, fire fighters are presented with multiple rescue and firefighting situations. Often first on the scene and the only responder with the necessary tools and training to manage the situation, having the right information to make critical decisions that save property and lives is key to their success.

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The Semantics of Semaphore

On: January 10, 2017, by: Ann Kelly

In today’s enterprise, unstructured information has become one of the most valuable assets of the organization and its rate of growth is staggering. The need to extract information from internal and external sources and integrate it into existing systems for use in key business decisions is critical to successful business outcomes.

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