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Semaphore by MarkLogic Named to KMWorld AI 50 List

On: July 26, 2022, by: Semaphore

MarkLogic Corporation today announced that Semaphore by MarkLogic has been named to the KMWorld AI 50 2022, which recognizes the leading companies empowering intelligent knowledge management. The distinction underscores the importance of Semaphore, the semantic AI technology now integrated with the MarkLogic platform and recently acquired from previous KMWorld AI 50 2021 winner Smartlogic.

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Working from Home (WFH) Lessons from a 12-year Vet

On: April 07, 2020, by: Gerard Rebalsky

During this time, many of us are working from home. Our Director of Sales and Marketing Operations, Gerard Rebalsky, discusses some of the lessons he's learned from over a decade of working from home.

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Update to the Smartlogic Community

On: March 30, 2020, by: Ann Kelly

As we watch the global COVID-19 crisis unfold, I’m reaching out to the Smartlogic community to first and foremost wish you and your families’ health and safety during this time. Nothing is more important than the health of you and your families and the communities you live in.

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KMWorld Reflections by Gerard Rebalsky

On: December 12, 2019, by: Ann Kelly

As the Director of Sales & Marketing Operations for Smartlogic, I typically attend events with a different perspective than the average attendee, and this year KMWorld was no different. I’m always interested in meeting with our customers, who I’m reminded by our CEO Jeremy Bentley every day, are the sole reason for our success.

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Smartlogic’s Semantic AI platform Semaphore is listed as one of KMWorld’s Trend-Setting Products - 2019

On: August 05, 2019, by: Ann Kelly

Smartlogic’s Semantic AI platform Semaphore has been listed in the 2019 KMWorld Trend-Setting Products. This acknowledgment is given to organizations with products that result from both radical innovation and continuous evolution. They provide better experiences for customers and employees, faster access to the right information when and where it is needed, automation of routine business tasks, intelligent insights from text and recordings, smarter search with personalized insights, unified information governance across silos—these are among the goals of new tools and enhanced platforms in the knowledge management market.

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Smartlogic Sponsors - Denver Federal Center Technology Day

On: May 17, 2019, by: Ann Kelly

Join us at FBC’s 21st Annual Technology Day at Denver Federal Center on June 13th. We’ll be in the DFC, building 25 lecture hall in Lakewood Colorado

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Smartlogic Named by KMWorld as ‘One of the 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management’ 2018

On: March 08, 2018, by: Ann Kelly

Smartlogic, the leader in Enterprise Intelligence solutions, has been named as one of KMWorld’s 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management.

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Can the CDC use Twitter, AI and Google to forecast flu outbreaks?

On: September 25, 2017, by: Ann Kelly

Epidemiological forecasting, much like weather forecasting, may be able to bring together volumes of data – from retail sales of flu medications, to Google searches about flu symptoms, to tweets about symptoms or how someone might be feeling – to create a picture in near real-time that predicts the best possible picture of the spread of the virus. If it’s successful, predicting the spread of disease will be as commonplace as predicting rain or snow.

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A solid information strategy with Semaphore

On: August 15, 2017, by: Ann Kelly

The cornerstone to a solid information strategy is the ability to retain the information you need, discard what you don’t and provide all stakeholders within the enterprise the information they require. Knowing what information exists in the enterprise is key to protecting intellectual property and minimizing exposure to risk.

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Classification - powerful enrichment with Semaphore

On: July 20, 2017, by: Ann Kelly

Semaphore facilitates the development of semantic models, which are used to create a set of classification rule-bases, that automatically analyze and tag information assets. With Semaphore, organizations benefit from the complete and consistent application of quality metadata across all information repositories without imposing manual processes on their users.

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