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Smartlogic for MarkLogic

On: May 09, 2016, by: Semaphore

MarkLogic World kicks off this week in San Francisco and we'll be there. Visit us in booth B near the registration station and lean how you can leverage Smartlogic and MarkLogic in your organization. Don't forget to attend Toby Conrad and Anne Lapkin's presentation on Tuesday at 1:30 pm; Smartlogic: The Information Platform of the Future. And of course get started by reading our weekly blog post: Smartlogic for MarkLogic.

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Auto categorization; it’s more than text analytics

On: April 08, 2016, by: Ann Kelly

Auto-categorization is usually described as one of the basic text analytics capabilities. This is unfortunate because the underlying functionality can be used for much more than simply categorizing the subject of a document. The name probably stuck because a lot of text analytics companies only offered categorization using training sets. With that approach, auto-categorization is all you can do. However, once you add in categorization rules like Smartlogic’s Semaphore (either sets of terms or full categorization syntax), you can use them for a broad range of other tasks.

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New Zealand DOC embraces content as a service to engage and empower its broader community

On: February 16, 2016, by: Ann Kelly

The New Zealand Department of Conservation maintains national parks, protects wildlife and ecosystems and keeps the general public informed about the environment. When it was time for the DOC to implement a new content management system, it took a bold step. By eliminating traditional folder structures and implementing electronic files, sophisticated search strategies can now drive high quality information retrieval.

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Improve Information Management in 2016

On: January 14, 2016, by: Ann Kelly

Saying goodbye to the past isn't always easy but let's face it we can't change what happened in 2015. Start 2016 off on the right foot and learn how Smartlogic's Semaphore platform helps global organizations unify their structured and unstructured information to solve key business problems and outperform their peers.

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Jump-start your Information Governance with Smartlogic’s Semaphore Cloud and WAND Ontologies

On: December 18, 2015, by: Semaphore

Smartlogic welcomes guest blogger Mark Leher, COO at WAND Inc. I recently participated in the Smartlogic/WAND webinar “Discover Practical Solutions for Cloud-Based Information Governance”. In this blog, I wanted to take the opportunity to show you how easy it is to import a WAND pre-built ontology into the Semaphore Cloud environment. Starting with a pre-built ontology lets you jump-start ontology development so you can immediately begin to manage your information.

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The ROI of Content Intelligence and Semantics

On: December 11, 2015, by: Ann Kelly

I once had a boss who said “We don’t know what we don’t know.” At the time I thought it was an odd statement but over the years I’ve come to see exactly what he meant and to understand just how important “knowing” is to an organization.

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Learning with the Fonz

On: November 16, 2015, by: Ann Kelly

A few weeks ago we had a new addition in the Holland household. His name is Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli but we call him “Fonzie” for short. Now Fonzie is a Briard puppy and he joins four other dogs in our increasingly busy kitchen. As you can imagine with so many dogs, in the interests of the structural integrity of our house, proper training is important. So we’ve started teaching Fonzie the basics – sit, stand, down and stay. For the uninitiated, the Briard is a French sheepdog (if you’re old enough to remember the Looney Tunes cartoons, think Sam Sheepdog), so he gets sit, down and stay with relatively little effort. However, when it comes to stand, it’s proving to be something of a challenge.

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Why Call Centers Need Content Intelligence

On: October 09, 2015, by: Semaphore

For many organizations the call center is an important “public face.” Corporate reputations can be easily enhanced or quickly damaged by a client’s single interaction with a call center. Even in the very best of call centers the organization’s management continually strive for improvements such as, a better quality of service or delivering the same (or better) level of service with fewer people.

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Eliminate the Pain of Ontology Development with Semaphore 4 Ontology Editor

On: October 02, 2015, by: Ann Kelly

If you’ve ever been involved in building an ontology it’s likely you’ve come away from the process with a few battle scars. Projects to develop a common vocabulary in an organization are time consuming and political because it’s difficult to get everyone to agree on a single consistent term for each concept. And while we all agree it’s good to have a consistent language, pointing to a specific business benefit that makes your CFO smile is hard.

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Unifying Information and Processing Content

On: September 24, 2015, by: Semaphore

Three key technology innovations have emerged and stabilized, such that their combination creates a disruptive opportunity to the way today’s enterprises manage, analyze and action their information. The disruption is simple in concept, information becomes unified.

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