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Posted on: January 14, 2016, by: Ann Kelly

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In today’s business environment the ability to unify and take advantage of “all” enterprise information is key to successful organizational outcomes. Organizations that can unify their information and use to drive decision making will fare better than those who cannot.

Gartner defines enterprise information management as “An integrative discipline for structuring, describing and governing information assets, across organizational and technological boundaries, to improve efficiency, promote transparency and enable business insight.” They go further to say “Organizations integrating high-value, diverse, new information types and sources into a coherent information management infrastructure will outperform their industry peers financially by more than 20%.”

Artful information management improves organizational efficiency and business results through customer intimacy, supplier optimization, risk management, and mitigation, data-driven decision support and internal transparency. In fact, any business outcome that depends on quality, trusted and timely information delivered to the right user or process at the right time in an easily understandable and interpretable way requires good information management practices.

As organizations embark on the information challenges of 2016, the need for an integrated platform that unifies structured and unstructured information that can be used to drive their organization will be crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage. Today, Smartlogic works with global organizations to solve these issues.

Smartlogic’s Semaphore is an enterprise-grade Content Intelligence platform that complements an organization’s investment in enterprise search, workflow, analytics, and content management systems. Semaphore is the bridge between human language and computers. It extracts the human intelligence from information assets and applies precise and consistent metadata to harmonize information and drive business decisions.

Semaphore works with organizations to harmonize data, improve search and retrieval, drive workflows, secure sensitive information, comply with governmental regulations and replace rigid data warehouse systems with flexible solutions in a fraction of the time and cost to improve operations and outperform their peers.

Semaphore is part of the Progress product portfolio. Progress is the leading
provider of application development and digital experience technologies.

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