MarkLogic World 2015 Video Interview: Jeremy Bentley

Posted on: April 20, 2015, by: Semaphore

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On April 14th at the MarkLogic World 2015 kickoff in San Francisco, CA, Jeremy Bentley, CEO, Smartlogic spoke with John Furrier and Jeff Kelly on Content Intelligence and the competitive advantage organizations can gain by unlocking the value in their unstructured content. In the interview, Bentley talked about how “Content intelligence” is the starting point for an explosion of innovation in the content space and gave a great history of information systems:

In the beginning, there was paper. Business was entirely manual and transacted through the post, on fax machines and in person. In the 1970s, we began to put transactions into hierarchical data structures and began the process of automating that part of business. Hierarchical data structures were entirely dependent on the definition of data in the code. This meant that data could not be shared across multiple applications, and since a batch process was required to rebuild the database every time anything changed, interactive operations could not be supported. In the 1980s, data was organized into relational databases, which were self-describing, in the sense that you could query the database itself to understand its structure, which meant that it was very easy to determine what the data meant. Data could then be used by multiple programs/systems and that interactivity could be supported. That one change – the ability of the data to self-describe – has led to an explosion of innovation in the structured data space. Data warehouses and data marts, business intelligence platforms and even big data analytics are all innovations that evolved from that one significant change.

Semaphore, Smartlogic’s Content Intelligence platform, provides the same self-describing capability to content. It works with existing content management systems, workflow engines and search engines, so that the enterprise’s investment in technologies can deliver the value required without massive “rip and replace” programs.

Smartlogic is a platinum sponsor for MarkLogic World 2015, stop by one of the 8 cities on the tour (Washington D.C (5-7), Amsterdam (5-12), London (5-14), Boston (5-19), Tokyo (5-21), Chicago (6-2), Houston (6-18) and New York 6-18) and meet with Smartlogic’s engineers and experts to talk about how organizations can gain access to corporate knowledge, improve risk management, enhance information search and retrieval and derive business value by unlocking the hidden value in their content.

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