Semaphore 4 is Live

Posted on: August 28, 2015, by: Jeremy Bentley

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The enterprise ready Semaphore 4 platform combines the power of semantic web technology with Smartlogic’s powerful auto classification and fact extraction to result in a rich sematic experience without the hassle and complexity.

Designed for the world’s largest enterprises who demand scale, quality and multi-language support as well as integration to all information and database systems, Semaphore 4 combines the power of semantics with Smartlogic’s award-winning ontology management, auto classification and fact extraction capabilities. With Semaphore 4, content-based information is now as addressable as database information using Graph database structures or by enhancing existing search, content and business intelligence systems.

“Semaphore 4 is a natural upgrade path for enterprise customers using the Semaphore platform to manage content intensive governance and compliance tasks, provide excellent customer service, gain insight from previously unavailable information and deliver organizational efficiencies and cost savings by automating complex content and data related manual tasks,” said Jeremy Bentley, CEO of Smartlogic.

Semaphore 4 is currently in production by a number of customers and is generally available now.