Semaphore Cloud - a single point of integration for all your Content Intelligence requirements

on: July 29, 2016, by: Steve Rice

Smartlogic are pleased to announce the general availability of Semaphore Cloud, a next-generation Content Intelligence platform where you can harness the power of Semaphore without local infrastructure overhead. Save on implementation and development effort by seamlessly connecting your enterprise to your own privately hosted Semaphore environment in the cloud.

Semaphore Cloud is your home for model development, entity extraction and classification services that can be accessed from anywhere on the web. Services are fully managed and hosted using proven cloud technology.

What is Semaphore Cloud?

Semaphore Cloud is a hosted solution provided by Smartlogic, which provides managed access to our core Semaphore services such as:

All services are accessed via the Smartlogic Integration Server that has both an easy to use web-based interface and the ability to manage lower-level API requests:

User access to services is completely controlled by you using our built-in security model:

How does it work?

As with standard Semaphore technology a model that encapsulates required classification functionality is updated using a hosted instance of Ontology Editor, which is then used to publish model information to the core backend Semaphore services: Semantic Enhancement Server (high speed model information retrieval) and Classification Server (automatic assignment of concepts from the model against any content as well as extraction of common entities such as locations, phone numbers and company names).

How do I use services in my application?

Most Semaphore Cloud services are accessed by applications using an interface. There are currently two interfaces available with the promise of more to come:

  • SharePoint Online – Providing Semaphore services in SharePoint Online via the standard proven “Semaphore Intelligent Metadata” functionality introduced by Smartlogic in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 that automatically populates SharePoint columns with relevant model concepts.
  • Basic API – Providing programmatic access to model (Semantic Enhancement Server) and classification/entity extraction (Classification Server) services via a session-based token service.

Full documentation regarding all of these interfaces is available along with working sample applications included in the Semaphore Cloud itself. Note that programmatic access is available to allow updates to Ontology Editor-hosted models via the standard “OE API”.

The “Basic API” interface is used to provide forthcoming versions of on-premise Semaphore for SharePoint 2013 and Semaphore for SharePoint 2016 access to Semaphore functionality.

Is my data safe?

Semaphore Cloud environments exist in a fully managed environment with backup and redundancy services in place to keep you up and running.

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple, connect with us at and we will be happy to discuss your requirements