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Posted on: July 20, 2015, by: Ann Kelly

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Since I started at Smartlogic I’ve spent more time lately looking at news associated with the markets we serve. Today, life sciences companies face many challenges from rising development costs to increased government regulation and reporting to profitability demands from directors, boards and shareholders. And if that weren’t enough, like many organizations they’re battling an influx of structured and unstructured information coming at them from a wide variety of sources in many formats.

While most companies have a place to store and manage their structured data it’s interesting to note that most of the valuable intelligence organizations have can’t be processed using traditional technologies. They need a technology that can unlock the value in the unstructured data; here’s where Smartlogic can help.

Semaphore, our Content Intelligence platform, can address these challenges with our ontology management, metadata enrichment, search, security and visualization tools; let’s take a look at a couple of examples from our case study files.

Pharmaceutical company improves drug development pipeline to maximize time and resources.

A leading pharmaceutical company researches, develops and produces drugs, they want to reduce the time it takes to develop new drugs and identify candidates which will fail early. A large store of untapped knowledge that can advise current projects is locked up in documentation of other projects, lab notes, other clinical trials, earlier models and previous experiments. This information is housed in different data silos and is stored in diverse formats. The volume and variety of data make manual processing unfeasible.

Using Semaphore Ontology Manager, they created a model to represent the relevant concepts of the business and the relationships between them. They used the power of Semaphore Classification Server to enrich every document, irrespective of format or location, with metadata to identify relevant concepts (i.e. chemical compounds, type of experiment, observations and results). This metadata helps researchers quickly locate the relevant knowledge to identify unsuccessful drugs early in the development process; saving money and freeing up valuable resources for other projects.

Drug manufacturer stops Information leakage from design to manufacture

A leading drug manufacturer wanted to reduce the costs associated with failed manufacturing runs, product defects and wasted effort in the drug manufacturing pipeline. Knowledge created in initial commercialization, regulatory submissions and the process improvement cycle when a drug is “in manufacture” were not easily accessible.

They successfully addressed this problem by mining the intelligence hidden away in their unstructured content, and exposing all of the knowledge collected from initial drug commercialization through regulatory submissions and process improvements when the drug is “in-manufacture.” Using Semaphore Ontology Manager they created a business vocabulary that mirrored the business concepts of the organization. Semaphore Classification Server mined the content and enriched it by adding metadata tags to the documents according to the business rules. The enhanced metadata tags improve organization and management of the content resulting in improved search and retrieval.

These are just a couple examples of how we work with our customers to maximize the value hidden in unstructured content to reduce costs, streamline processes, comply with governmental regulations and mitigate risk. Whether you’re in the Life Sciences field or you’re curious about how you can manage the unstructured data in your organization, check out our website or connect with us at

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