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Posted on: August 28, 2017, by: Ann Kelly

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Our Customers Solve Real Business Problems with Semaphore

Secure Sensitive Content Audit What You Have Archive and Migrate Manage Records based on the content Drive workflow/case management based on the content Improve Customer Service

Augment BI to answer questions you could not before Harmonize your data Monetization of content Easily find and discover information and expertise Self Service

New Customers


A financial services company that provides financial products and services for personal and commercial banking, payment solutions and insurance is leveraging Semaphore’s model management and classification capabilities to harmonize, manage and govern enterprise information. Semaphore will provide automatic classification and enhance and enrich information to drive collaboration across the knowledge management environment.


A member’s organization that indemnifies its medical practitioner members against claims for negligence, malpractice, etc. is deploying Semaphore to enable the securing of sensitive information and to perform advanced analytics for clinical coding and classification.

CEO Corner

The reality of replacing lower order manual work tasks or partially automating complex ones using Semantic technology is proven by Smartlogic’s customers to be real. Many of these activities involve text-based data checking, data extraction, harmonization, security and enrichment.

At first glance this list of activities appear to be the key components of the information age – and they are. The technological breakthrough is that semantic technology understands human language and domain context – previously the monopoly of human beings. The disruption is that humans no longer maintain this monopoly; the repetitive and manual work can be performed by software agents - faster, at higher capacity, at a lower cost and with a significantly higher level of consistency and quality than has been the norm.

Today, many of these critical data tasks are performed by the workforce as a normal course of business (e.g. reading through a contract and keying certain facts into a database form). To drive down costs, organizations outsource many of these activities to low cost, off-shore manual processing centers. This has further stressed the organization’s data quality imperative; regardless of where the work is performed, the same manual processes are more expensive, error prone and take much longer to complete than if undertaken by software.

Further analysis of the status quo reveals the reliance on costly and time consuming manual processing, which means that much of the valuable information is left behind in text, uncoded and unavailable for analytics. Adopting Semaphore as the enterprise backbone for text-based data preparation, extraction, enrichment and harmonization makes all information available for analysis and decision-making.

AI driven software is now capable of performing these tasks. Organizations using Semaphore are disrupting traditional ways of working and gaining a competitive advantage. In this new way of working, software performs these processes and eliminates most of the manual “stare and compare”, content mark-up, fact extraction, information harmonization, data enrichment and data security activities from the human workforce.

These activities are crucial to the information value chain across all industries. Insurance companies send underwriting contracts off to have key data elements such as policy type, coverage and exclusions manually extracted by a human operator who reads the policy and creates data (metadata) used in risk assessment, policy review, product design, underwriting decisions, etc. Pharmaceutical firms do this for real world evidence reporting; financial firms support Know Your Customer, Anti-money Laundering and Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act regulations; media companies markup articles and deliver tailored customized content feeds to their clients. The list of use cases are endless, which is why the market is getting so excited.

Semaphore is an AI driven platform that is used by our customers to: automate tasks involving content; harmonize enterprise data into a unified view and extract and enrich information from text. It puts enterprise intelligence to work to gain insight and drive process automation faster, with greater accuracy and at a cost much less than the manual approach relied upon as used today.

Best Regards,

Jeremy Bentley
CEO and Founder

In the News

Smartlogic Recognized as a Visionary in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines

Smartlogic Recognized as a Leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions

Use Case Spotlight

Audit, migrate and manage enterprise information with Semaphore

The cornerstone to a solid information strategy is the ability to retain the information you need, discard what you don’t and provide all stakeholders within the enterprise the information they require. Knowing what information exists in the enterprise is key to protecting intellectual property and minimizing exposure to risk.

We understand the need for effective and transparent information strategies. Semaphore enriches information assets with metadata and enables information audit and statistical reporting, analytics and workflow processing.

Semaphore, Smartlogic’s semantic platform, enhances an enterprise’s existing information management strategy by enriching information assets with precise, complete and consistent metadata, harmonizing all enterprise vocabularies against a consistent model and extracting critical facts and relationships for analytics and compliance.

To lean how Semaphore supports your information strategy, DOWNLOAD OUR FACT SHEET

Events & Webinars

Upcoming Webinars:

Taming the regulatory tiger – applying semantics to regulatory change management with Elliot Burgess from JWG and Paul Gunstone on Wednesday, September 13th at 9 am central, 10 am eastern – REGISTER TODAY


5th biennial ISKO UK conference

Smartlogic is heading to London as a sponsor for the 5th biennial ISKO UK conference. This year’s theme - Classification, Indexing, Taxonomies and Ontologies - current state and direction of travel - will focus on:

  • The historical narrative of KO education
  • Use of the KO narrative in the workplace
  • Extracting the stories hidden in images, sounds and dance
  • Exploitation of Linked Data to follow threads of discovery in news stories
  • The potential role of KO in a “post-truth” society

Stop by our booth and drop in on Alan Flett’s presentation - we look forward to seeing you. Registration is now open, SIGN UP TODAY!

Human Language and Technology Conference

Join Smartlogic at this year’s 11th annual HLTCon on October 3rd, 2017 at the Waterford in Springfield, VA and learn how HLT is shaping a revolution in anticipatory intelligence.

Anticipatory and activity-based intelligence techniques are revolutionizing government intelligence. Agencies need to get ahead of events, manage unprecedented volumes of data, and integrate better with their customers. These requirements are now attainable with recent advances in human language technology, including text vectors, machinelearning, and precise name matching.

HLTCon gathers together senior officials, expert linguists, technologist and vendors across industry and government to discuss how innovations in Human Language Technology can be applied to today’s most vital intelligence and security requirements.

We’re a sponsor – Register Today and learn how Semaphore, our sophisticated semantic platform, helps organizations transform enterprise information into actionable intelligence.

Webinar replays

If you missed our webinar - Linguistic harmony in the Tower of Babel with Anne Lapkin and Dr. Alice Augustine on June 21st you can LISTEN TO THE REPLAY.

If you missed our Smartlogic / MarkLogic webinar: Real World Evidence – getting value from volume with metadata on August 10th you can WATCH THE REPLAY NOW.

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