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Posted on: March 21, 2018, by: Ann Kelly

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CEO Corner

AI is a powerful paradigm that cannot be ignored; it will reshape industries and enterprises around the globe. McKinsey estimates that “the adaptation of currently demonstrated automation technologies could affect 50 percent of the world economy, or 1.2 billion employees and $14.6 trillion in wages - China, India, Japan, and the United States—account for just over half of these totals.” This promise is compelling, the ability to automate higher order work functions with a digital rather than human workforce is a disruptive force, and tho there are pros and cons, the reduction in costs and increase in efficiency, consistency and transparency is attractive.

At Smartlogic, we think the ‘A’ in ‘AI’ would be more representative of today’s machines if it stood for ‘Assisted’ (rather than ‘Artificial’) but we don’t get to choose the words, so we will use the term AI. Assisted is more appropriate as it suggests a collaborative interplay between humans and machines (which are of course themselves a combination of various bits of hardware, software and networks). An interplay that leads to the capacity of a computer to perform higher order work functions than machines have been capable of previously. What is important is that this machine processing be guided by human knowledge, curation and control especially when results are to be understood and scrutinized by the legal profession, as is the case with compliance.

Like all technological disruptive forces, the building blocks are now mature enough to deliver on the promise. There are more advances to go before machines are fully independent, autonomous work units replacing human knowledge tasks, in say compliance. For now, there are plenty of manual tasks to be automated, as part of the ongoing evolution of the technology. An example of this is the ‘stare and compare’ and data extraction activities involved with data preparation in the customer on-boarding process in financial services.

The maturity level of AI is capable of automating the next level of repetitive clerical work and this is a compelling cost and efficiency benefit. There is also a data quality yield as well, that not only addresses the new way of working but also reaches back over previously automated information activities. We call this economic benefit Data Veracity.

The reality of replacing lower order manual work tasks or partially automating more complex ones using semantic technology is proven by Smartlogic’s customers to be real. The technological breakthrough Smartlogic yields is that semantic technology understands human language and domain context – previously the monopoly of human beings. The disruption is that this monopoly can be broken and units of work given to software agents instead. Software that can process faster, at higher capacity, at lower cost and at a significant higher level of consistency and quality than has been the norm using humans.

Best Regards,

Jeremy Bentley
CEO and Founder

GDPR is Coming are You Ready?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) grants data privacy and protection rights to all citizens of the EU, a change that will affect any company doing business with EU citizens worldwide. The regulation doesn’t require national governments to pass any legislation; it is directly binding and applicable. GDPR formalizes in greater detail who and what type of information is protected, who is responsible for enforcement and it sets punitive penalties for non-compliance.

The detail of the regulation and consequences make it difficult for organizations using traditional data query methods to comply; PII and PSI data resides in structured and unstructured data stores, which are internal and external to the organization. To examine this varied and disparate information, organizations require sophisticated semantic tools and technologies that apply context and meaning to enterprise information to identify, highlight and detail the PII and PSI data.

The Semaphore platform, allows organizations to extend the reach of their regulatory compliance initiatives across the enterprise and establish best practices, improve information governance and secure sensitive assets. Semaphore enables organizations to implement consistent, auditable and transparent information governance policies in order to comply with GDPR mandates, reduce risk and eliminate sanctions. Download the Value Statement.


Smartlogic is Silver Sponsor at MarkLogic World 2018

Join us in San Francisco at the Hyatt Regency for MarkLogic World 2018. We’re excited about this year’s focus on innovation - stop by and visit us we’re looking forward to seeing you and sharing information about Semaphore and the advances we’ve made in the past year. Register Today

Smartlogic Named by KMWorld as ‘One of the 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management 2018

Smartlogic, the leader in Enterprise Intelligence solutions, has been named as one of KMWorld’s 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management. This distinction is given to companies with solutions that represent the best in innovation, creativity and functionality as well as a clear understanding of customers’ knowledge management needs. Find out More

Smartlogic sponsors#85 in WeatherTech SportsCar Championship - Seabring 2018

This Spring Smartlogic partnered with Minnesota based JDC-Miller MotorSports racing team and their driver, Nelson Panciatici, as a sponsor for the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship – Sebring 2018 - on their #85 racing car. Learn More

Smartlogic Announces New SVP of Technology and SVP of Account Management

Smartlogic is pleased to announce two recent additions to the team; Lisa Bos, who joins Smartlogic as SVP of Technology and Barry Bealer who joins Smartlogic as SVP of Account Management. Read the press release.

Events and Webinars

New - Smartlogic’s User Community Forum

Smartlogic’s User Community Forum is an opportunity for Smartlogic customers and partners to share and discuss best practices, lessons learned and Information Management topics and trends with like-minded Semaphore users.

Our monthly meeting occurs on the first Wednesday of each month from 11 am to 12 pm Eastern - our next meeting is Wednesday April 4th.

To join us, register here, you’ll receive a confirmation from GoToWebinar, be sure to open the confirmation and save it to your calendar – we hope to see you there.

Semaphore Administration for Windows Training – June 2018

Smartlogic provides training so your team can get the most from the Semaphore platform. Smartlogic will be conducting our Semaphore Administration for Windows Course beginning the week of June 4th, 2018. This virtual training course is a 2-week, online, self-paced series of slides, short videos, student exercises and instructor interaction.

This course will provide System Administrators, Installation Technicians and those interested in the technical aspects of Semaphore, with the tools and technologies to install, configure and administer a Semaphore installation. Participants will be supplied with a Windows virtual machine.

To register for the course please contact us at or contact your Smartlogic Sales Representative.

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