Sentara Healthcare drives employee self-service portal and report search with Smartlogic Semaphore

on: March 28, 2016, by: Ann Kelly

Many people working in today’s healthcare organizations don’t sit in front of a computer. Their days consist of seeing patients, managing patient records and balancing compliance efforts with improving patient care and decreasing costs. The ability to find time-sensitive information is key to improving patient outcomes and sometimes saving lives.

Their inundated with information coming from multiple sources and in a variety of formats and vocabularies. The ability to make sense of and process this information manually is unfeasible. Sentara Healthcare embarked on a journey to improve search and retrieval within their organization using Smartlogic’s Semaphore. Their proof of value was so successful, management asked them to solve a real business problem.

To learn how Sentara Healthcare used the power of Semaphore, Smartlogic’s Content Intelligence platform, to power their employee self-service portal and improve search and retrieval for enterprise reports listen to this webinar.

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