Smartlogic and MarkLogic enhance platform integration between Semaphore and MarkLogic

Posted on: November 30, 2015, by: Ann Kelly

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Smartlogic, the Content Intelligence Company, today announced tighter integration with MarkLogic, the Enterprise NoSQL database platform provider, creating a seamless approach to semantic information management where organizations maximize information to drive change.

Smartlogic’s Content Intelligence capabilities provide a robust set of semantic tools that create intelligent metadata, enhancing the ability of the enterprise-grade MarkLogic database to power smarter applications. This makes it easier and faster for organizations to extract the human intelligence from documents, data, and triples stored in MarkLogic. The seamless integration between Smartlogic and MarkLogic allows organizations to better leverage content, provide context to information assets, aggregate and link disparate data sources, improve the relevance of search to achieve faster time-to-value and improved risk management.

“The new connector supports multi-tenant cloud deployments and performs well in multi-user/ concurrent activity environments. Our Classification Server application creates highly accurate contextual metadata and extracts facts, entities, and sentiment using sophisticated Natural Language Processing techniques, providing the ability to perform data analytics in parallel with model management. The combined Smartlogic/MarkLogic platform is ACID-compliant; there are no lost triples or incomplete transactions. These enhanced features will allow organizations to unify all information into a single platform and use it to make key business decisions,” Matthieu Jonglez, CTO Smartlogic.

“Our joint customers in the fields of finance, healthcare, and entertainment are leveraging Smartlogic and MarkLogic to out-innovate their peers, and the new connector will further accelerate their efforts and goals,” said David Ponzini, senior vice president, corporate development, MarkLogic. “MarkLogic quickly and easily aggregates all data types with enterprise-hardened features. With an integrated triple store, MarkLogic can manage billions of triples in a way that both humans and computers can understand. Smartlogic adds the valuable content intelligence layer that makes it easy to work with all of the data to get deeper insights and make better business decisions. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Smartlogic and help our global customers surpass expectations.”

About Smartlogic

Smartlogic’s Semaphore is an enterprise-grade Content Intelligence platform that complements an organization’s investment in enterprise search, workflow, analytics, and content management systems. Semaphore is the bridge between human language and computers. It extracts the human intelligence from information assets and applies precise and consistent metadata to harmonize information and drive business decisions.

Semaphore is part of the Progress product portfolio. Progress is the leading
provider of application development and digital experience technologies.

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