Smartlogic & MarkLogic drive benefit search in healthcare

on: November 08, 2016, by: Ann Kelly

Driving consumer satisfaction comes down to delivering the right information at the right time. As healthcare becomes consumer-centric, healthcare organizations need to create systems that empower consumers to easily engage with all aspects of their care. For healthcare payers in particular, this means developing a holistic view across a diverse set of information sources, such as benefit plans, provider services, patient information and claim data. As healthcare organizations transform from retrospective, reactive service enterprises into proactive engagement platforms, they need a flexible data platform that provides a comprehensive view across these key information sources.

As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, customer expectations for rapid and accurate responses to information requests and benefit plan and treatment alternatives is essential. What if when calling your healthcare provider to determine coverage for a particular illness you were given the wrong information or worse spent an hour on hold only to determine you didn’t have coverage. These scenarios are not uncommon in today’s marketplace there are however, innovative technologies, which bring customer service and engagement to a new level. One healthcare payer improved customer support and self-service delivery by implementing Smartlogic’s Semaphore platform and the MarkLogic database.

The synergistic relationship between MarkLogic and Smartlogic creates a platform for leveraging key sources of healthcare data to enhance the member experience. Together, MarkLogic and Smartlogic enable healthcare organizations to create a semantically enriched transactional and operational data platform, where healthcare organizations can develop a 360 degree view of their members, fuel customer support and engagement and drive customer self-service.

To learn how you can leverage the power of Smartlogic’s Semaphore and the MarkLogic database to drive benefit search, improve customer support and fuel customer self-service, download our value statement.

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