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Posted on: May 30, 2017, by: Ann Kelly

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Our Customers Solve Real Business Problems with Semaphore

Secure Sensitive Content Audit What You Have Archive and Migrate Manage Records based on the content Drive workflow/case management based on the content Improve Customer Service

Augment BI to answer questions you could not before Harmonize your data Monetization of content Easily find and discover information and expertise Self Service

New Customers


An American conglomerate that produces commercial and consumer products, aerospace systems, and engineering services is leveraging the Semaphore platform to automatically apply rich metadata to their SharePoint engineering content to drive improved information discovery for the enterprise.


An international newspaper with an emphasis on business and economic news is using Smartlogic’s Semaphore Cloud platform for taxonomy and ontology management to drive improved search and discovery of their news content.


An American global aerospace and defense technology enterprise is leveraging the capabilities of Semaphore to enable taxonomy management and categorization of engineering content and integrating with Microsoft SharePoint and Solr to drive search and navigation.

CEO Corner

Handle Variety – Insist on Veracity

Today volume and velocity are givens – it is data after all and organizations continue to collect it and try to make sense of it and if they can do it in real-time, even better. Add in the complication of increased variety and any handling requires automation. Variety makes it is difficult – if not impossible using traditional methods – to incorporate unstructured data as there is no common or reliable way to include it into the whole. A pdf, a voice recording, a tweet and a video are all different but may contain data, facts, ideas and thoughts based on human understanding that make the information valuable.

The main goal of Big Data is to use technology to take information and make sense of it in order for it to become actionable - but how should we deal with veracity - to date the lesser “V”, but if you think about it the most important “V”. How do we ensure that the information we’re storing and mining is accurate, meaningful and trustworthy?

Clearly valid data is key to making the right decisions and that is where Semaphore comes in. We start with a semantic model – our authority structure - and use it to turn AI (Artificial Idiocy) into a working AI - Assisted Intelligence, where AI replaces many of the repetitive and standardized tasks performed by humans.

Today our customers are using Semaphore to: •

  • Perform due diligence for Anti Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), FATCA and CCAR regulations - clients realize an 80% improvement out-of-the-box and 90% in steady state.
  • Proactively manage healthcare - by quickly identifying patients at risk of falling and eliminating potential hazards. The rate of failing decreased by 87% and cost savings reached approximately $18 million dollars.
  • Improve customer support and drive customer self-service delivery – customer satisfaction improves because customers can find the information they need when they need it.
  • Monetize information – delivering customized content feeds to existing clients on the topics, subjects and themes they are interested in.

The Semaphore platform automatically processes Variety and insists on Veracity to drive quality insights from data using machine learning and AI in combination with information discipline. We’re assisting our clients in becoming the Governors in the Big State of information.

Best Regards,

Jeremy Bentley
CEO and Founder

Use Case Spotlight

Transforming Government Information into Business Opportunities

Doing business with the US government - the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world (more than $2 trillion each year) - isn’t easy. One of the biggest challenges that organizations face is finding opportunities that match their capabilities and corporate objectives. The core problem is that each Government agency describes solicitations such as bids, RFP’s, amendments, advance notices, awards, etc., using their own vocabulary and vendors search for leads using their products, services and industry terminology. Simple keyword search cannot resolve this diversity of language and often opportunities associated with a vendor’s industry, products and services are missed.

One organization applies sophisticated data science and semantic search technologies to transform fragmented government contracting information into actionable intelligence for buyers and sellers. To learn how, DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY

Semaphore Product Updates

Semaphore’s latest release is now available

Smartlogic announces a new release of Semaphore with enhanced natural language processing (NLP), accelerated model development, performance and integration improvements in Publisher, a redesigned Semantic Enhancement Server and user experience features.

The enhanced NLP provides additional language support, improved extraction capabilities and supports hierarchical clustering of words based on the context to result in the exact analysis of text.

Semaphore streamlines the model building process with unsupervised learning models and associated learning algorithms that effectively analyze information to drive precise classification output. It scans publicly avail information and returns ordered collections of concepts that can be quickly incorporated into the model using drag and drop technology.

The integration between Semaphore Publisher and Ontology Editor improves the performance of model publishing and creates a flexible and extensible publishing pipeline that can easily add new tasks into the publishing process. In addition to our existing template language, an additional template language, which supports the creation of simple and powerful rule bases that solve complex problems, is included.

Semantic Enhancement Server (SES) has been redesigned to improve performance and indexing at query time allowing models to be queried in flexible ways. It takes advantage of the Solr Cloud technology, which allows for more resilient setups.

Additional user experience features have been incorporated into Ontology Editor; tool tips and contextual help, keyboard navigation, improved filtering, enhanced importing capabilities as well as support for Semaphore Cloud based models and SharePoint 2016.

The latest version of Semaphore is available today, to learn more contact us at or contact your sales representative.


Smartlogic provides training so your team can get the most from our Semaphore ontology management, classification and search tools. Our virtual training course, which begins on September 11th, 2017, is a 4-week, online, self-paced series of video training, student exercises and instructor interaction.

This course will provide students with a comprehensive view of the core components in the Semaphore product suite. Using a single use case, participants will come away with a thorough understanding of the Semaphore platform, model development and classification strategies that result in successful project outcomes.

To learn more about training visit our training page and upcoming events. To register for the course contact us at

Events & Webinars


Smartlogic is a Silver Sponsor for MarkLogic World 2017 – London

Join us in London on June 13th at the Institution of Engineering & Technology (The IET) for MarkLogic World 2017. From the first technical workshop to the closing keynote, this conference is where business leaders and technologists meet to learn, network with peers and hear from industry experts. Stop by our booth and get a demo of the latest Semaphore release. Register Today

Smartlogic is a Platinum sponsor at KMWorld 2017

Join us in Washington, DC, November 6th through 9th for KMWorld’s 21st annual event; People Power, Thinking & Tech, which focuses on culture, people processes, different types of thinking and technologies supporting organizations as they excel in their industries. We’re looking forward to seeing you. See Smartlogic events for registration information.

Webinar replays

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