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Posted on: June 04, 2019, by: Ann Kelly

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CEO Corner

Taking RPA to the Next Level

Today, organizations are continuously challenged to reduce operational costs as well as address the expectations of their customers; who expect an immediate response to business requests. For example, think how long you were prepared to wait a decade ago for a car loan to be approved and what you expect of your lender today - how much of that approval process was back-office manual work?

Organizations are leveraging intelligent automation like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to employ digital workers to manage routine tasks and let human agents handle exceptions. The implementation of RPA allows the business to achieve higher-quality outputs, enhance customer experience, and increase capacity to handle higher business volumes.

RPA has caught the world’s imagination, but it isn’t a new approach. RPA has evolved from processes such as screen scraping, business process automation, or other similar systems that have been around for a while. Today, organizations use RPA to automate business processes and improve user interactions. It’s frequently used in back offices to complete orders, examine and audit invoices, as well as eliminate boring stare and compare processes done by human operators while improving the quality of output and reducing costs and expenses.

Semaphore semantically enriches enterprise information and improves data quality by extracting data and facts from text and classifying documents so they can be accurately typed and routed. This process is not based on position or text-strings, but on the meaning of the data found within the text; something RPA systems have a hard time dealing with on their own.

Semaphore’s capabilities take RPA to the next level where information brings value and visibility to the enterprise. It enables text analytics to examine information in new ways to answer questions not previously answered. By capturing and communicating the meaning, concepts, and the relationships between concepts, it disambiguates and enriches information with precise meaning. Its results are transparent, accurate, and consistent and eliminate the unexpected outcomes RPA processes produce when context is lacking.

Semaphore can semantically enrich human user intent during an RPA exception. As language is by nature ambiguous and each system has its own vocabulary, robots are unable to understand user intent. Using Semaphore to semantically drive the exception process, an interrupt such as “did you mean?” can be inserted into the process to prompt the human operator with the correct response. The robotic process can then restart automation quickly and accurately.

Semaphore can affect business processes in multiple ways; integrate into the RPA process using Semaphore Cloud and work alongside RPA processes in an on-premise Semaphore installation.

  • Semaphore Cloud – Smartlogic’s low-cost, multi-tenant semantic PaaS environment – integrates with business processes to accept text, harmonize, enrich and extract the information within the text, and return the semantically enhanced information for further processing. This process benefits use cases such as invoice processing; claims processing; medication processing in finance, insurance, and healthcare respectively – industries we have many clients in.
  • On-premise Semaphore Enterprise is also integrated with RPA to work-alongside processes such as contract lifecycle management (CLM); KYC & FATCA reporting in banking; Oil and gas drilling rights and analysis, and many more.

Automation methods that include ML, are procedural, rule-driven, sophisticated software decision trees that automate mundane and repetitive tasks. When the task is exact and the actions taken are the same every time, they are a good solution. They do however have limitations; when unexpected information is encountered, the systems break as they lack context.

Incorporating Semaphore’s Semantic AI capabilities into RPA systems provide context and meaning to the process. When information is semantically harmonized, fidelity improves, automation becomes flexible, and they can handle a broader range of use cases without breaking. Semaphore’s capabilities enable organizations to derive maximum value from all enterprise information to drive business outcomes.

If you’re interested in learning more about Semaphore and RPA, contact us - we partner with the most recognized RPA vendors; Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and UI-Path.

Best Regards,

Jeremy Bentley

CEO and Founder

Semantic AI Drives Supply Chain Management

Data is the driver for progress in the 21st century – where organizations used to make products, now they make data. It’s the hallmark of how businesses are run, and yet most of the information needed to make critical business decisions is stored in textual documents; not something a computer can easily process.

Patients are dependent upon supply chains to deliver medicines and healthcare. In an emergency, supply chain performance might be the difference between life and death. Emergency transport can save lives by quickly delivering accident victims to hospitals for emergency treatment. Medicines required for treatment will be available at the hospital as a result of excellent supply chain execution.

Today’s information-driven supply chains are data dependent. The ability to efficiently track and manage supply chain data allows organizations to make informed decisions and optimize supply chain performance.

An American multinational biopharmaceutical company evaluated Semaphore’s Semantic AI platform as part of an overall strategy to drive efficiencies in calculating time-sensitive lane management analytics. On a regular basis, information about lane management, temperature monitoring, and KPI indicators, are calculated to evaluate lane effectiveness, ensure medicines are delivered in a timely manner, and in-transit spoilage is identified and minimized.

To learn how they did it, download the complimentary case study today


Press Releases

Smartlogic joins Blue Prism’s Community of Tech Partners

Orlando, FLA – May 23, 2019 - Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) continues to be the platform of choice for technology companies looking to innovate, disrupt and drive digital transformations for their clients through intelligent automation capabilities. Today, Adlib Software, HyperScience, Moonoia, and Smartlogic announced that they are joining Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP) as affiliates, helping to build out best-in-class automation solutions that incorporate cutting edge technologies including intelligent document processing, AI-powered data extraction, machine learning, and data analytics. Read the full press release.


JWG RegTech Conference - June 7th, 2019

Now in its 4th year, the JWG RegTech conference will explore the cracks in public and private sector capabilities, disconnects between change programs and BAU compliance, and the latest thinking on how to best manage skyrocketing regulatory noise levels.

This event will be held in London, on June 7th. Stop by and learn about Semaphore, Smartlogic’s Semantic AI platform. Hear how our customers are using Semaphore to deliver perceptive Insight Engines, enrich process automation, drive predictive analytics, and provide exceptional knowledge management.

Register TODAY - We look forward to seeing you.

Denver Federal Center Technology Day - June 13th, 2019

Smartlogic will be at FBC’s 21st Annual Technology Day at Denver Federal Center. DFC is home to more than 6,200 federal employees from 26 agencies, making this the largest concentration of Federal agencies outside of Washington, DC.

If you are participating, please stop by and visit us on June 13th. We’ll be in the DFC, building 25 lecture hall in Lakewood Colorado - we look forward to seeing you.

MarkLogic 360 Amsterdam - June 20, 2019

Block your calendar and get ready to be inspired! The biggest MarkLogic community event of Northern Europe is back. Join us at the iconic Amsterdome in Amsterdam on June 20th and meet and learn from MarkLogic customers, partners and MarkLogic experts.

Don’t miss Smartlogic’s Paul Gunstone, who will be presenting: Solving Business Challenges with Enterprise-grade Semantic Technologies - in the partner breakout sessions. Register for the event

Smartlogic’s User Community Forum - June 5th, 2019

Our next User Community Forum meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 5th at 11 am Eastern. If you haven’t signed up yet DO IT TODAY – it’s a great opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded Semaphore users to exchange tips, tricks and best practices with the Semaphore platform and Knowledge Management topics.


To learn about all upcoming webinars check out our events page at

If you missed Semaphore Knowledge Modeling with the Accidental Taxonomist webinar with Jim Morris and Heather Hedden you can ACCESS THE PLAYBACK RECORDING

If you missed Semantic AI – Making Great Data and Making Data Great webinar with Jeremy Bentley and Scott Henninger you can ACCESS THE PLAYBACK RECORDING

Semaphore Fall Training

Smartlogic provides training so your team can get the most from the Semaphore platform. Smartlogic will be conducting our full set of Online Semaphore training courses beginning September 9th, 2019. This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge about the Semaphore platform. Our courses are self-paced and delivered via web technology.

  • Semaphore Foundation Training begins September 9th
  • Semaphore Advanced Training begins October 14h
  • Semaphore System Administration Training begins December 2nd

To learn more about each course, view our events page at

To register for courses, email us at or contact your Smartlogic Account Manager.

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