Search Application Framework

Out-of-the-box enterprise search integration

Most organizations spend significant amounts of time and money on enterprise search with mixed results. Too often little time is spent thinking about the user experience, and the results speak for themselves — while the search returns many hits, they may not be relevant, leaving users overwhelmed with results or underwhelmed by the experience.

Semaphore Search Application Framework gives you the best of both worlds; a customizable search experience with minimal development effort. It leverages the taxonomy/ontology/model from Ontology Editor and easily integrates into your search engine.

What is the Search Application Framework?

The Search Application Framework (SAF) is a collection of web services and tag libraries that combine basic search functionality such as, search results, relevance, date ranking, etc. with Semaphore’s taxonomy or entity-based facet navigators, topic maps and filters. The framework is a fully functioning application, which connects SAF to a search engine’s native workflow.

Our out-of-the-box Search Application Framework installation provides:

  • Concept Mapping - a list of taxonomy/ontology concepts that are relevant to the user’s search criteria. When a concept is selected, only documents that are relevant to the searched concept are returned (in order of relevance).
  • Related Concepts - concepts related to the currently selected concept (as defined in the model). As with concept mapping only documents that are relevant to the searched concept are returned (in order of relevance).
  • Concept Information Display – the ability to display additional information about a selected concept which includes; recommended page, concept hierarchy and pop-up concept information.
  • Topic Maps - a list of meta-information (which includes model concepts) found in the document result set of a search request. This information can be used to filter the result set to display only documents that contain the meta-information. By default, concepts displayed in the topic map are grouped by “facet” (i.e. top level concept) and displayed either hierarchically or in a flat display.
  • Search As You Type (SAYT) - as a user types in what they wish to search on the system displays a list of potential concepts they may be interested in (similar to concept mapping) that the user can then select as search criteria.

The Semaphore Search Application Framework incorporates enterprise search best practices and integrates with Google Search Appliance, Apache Solr and other search platforms. SAF’s customizable toolkit for search front ends has a hierarchical facet widget that that identifies where concepts are in the taxonomy and a concept information widget. And it provides a mechanism to suggest concepts in a free text search with the “did you mean” setting enabled.

To learn how you can get a great out-of-the-box search experience with zero programming email us at or contact your sales representative.