Introduction to Smartlogic and Semaphore with Stuart Laurie | Webinar Recording

Interested in learning more about Smartlogic’s Semaphore platform? Join Stuart Laurie, Director of Sales Engineering at Smartlogic as he takes you on a tour of Semaphore 4, Smartlogic’s latest Content Intelligence platform.

Smartlogic’s Semaphore lets you take advantage of the Content Intelligence locked inside your information assets. Using Semaphore’s enhanced taxonomy, ontology management and auto classification services your content will allow you to find answers, discover trends and drive business decisions.

In this presentation, you will see a demonstration of the Semaphore 4 Ontology Editor application, learn about Semaphore’s semantic capabilities and hear how organizations are applying the principals of content intelligence to harmonize data, drive workflows, secure sensitive content and improve search and retrieval within the enterprise to drive change and outperform their peers.

View this recording to see how Semaphore’s sophisticated ontology management and classification tools help organizations leverage their content to drive change.