Create better metadata for the Google Search Appliance

Semaphore, Smartlogic’s Content Intelligence platform, helps you make the most of the Google Search Appliance so that you find information quickly and reliably.

The Google Search Appliance is a well known, well used search tool because it gives users a quality set of results for every query. The GSA becomes an even more powerful tool when combined with Semaphore, which adds a layer of metadata to the GSA Index. The GSA uses that metadata in conjunction with text searches to return highly relevant documents – ranking them so that the most relevant results appear to the user first. In addition, Semaphore builds on the friendly and familiar Google interface so that users can filter, refine and explore search results for internal and external content.

Learn how you can make the most of your Google Search Appliance with Smartlogic Semaphore by downloading the whitepaper now.

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