Semantics in action with Semaphore 4 | Webinar Recording

In today’s hyper-connected world organizations must rapidly connect and exchange information with other companies, partners and suppliers in a way that is simple and straightforward. Semantic web standards promise to bring these entities together but they’re not enough on their own they need precise and consistent metadata.

Smartlogic’s Semaphore 4 platform combines the power of semantic web technology with ontology management, powerful auto classification, fact extraction and precise and consistent metadata to result in a rich sematic experience without the hassles and complexity.

Hear James Morris, Information Architect with Smartlogic as he takes you on a tour of Semaphore 4 and the hyper-connected enterprise. You’ll learn about semantic web standards and metadata and how they transform unstructured information into actionable assets which can be exchanged, managed and used in the decision making process.

See how Smartlogic’s Semaphore 4 plataform provides a rich semantic experience without the hassels and complexity - listen to this webinar.