Smartlogic solves healthcare challenges

Key decisions in healthcare are dependent on the availability and integration of a diverse set of information sources; patient records, physician’s notes, lab results, claim data as well as professional journals. This important information is stored in disparate information repositories, in multiple formats and uses organization, department or group specific language and vocabulary.

For healthcare organizations, the need to convert and manage this large and diverse information set to derive practical insight where security, integration, analytics and information retrieval are key components to providing:
Smartlogic understands the value complete information brings to the Healthcare industry. Semaphore, our semantic solution, provides sophisticated model management, auto classification and metadata enrichment, search and visualization tools, which integrate with existing content management, search and workflow technology, to address these challenges.

  • The right information at the right time to improve business and clinical outcomes.
  • Secure sensitive information and provide transparency of enterprise best practices of document retention and disposal.
  • Proactively identify and manage at risk situations and take immediate corrective action to minimize costs and eliminate negative outcomes.

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