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​Our Approach

Our Semantic AI approach analyzes structured and unstructured information to identify and extract hidden facts and relationships in content. Semantic AI incorporates Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) using authoritative knowledge models to reveal corporate wisdom.

​Semaphore Capabilities

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Semaphore processes content and extracts information using model-generated rulebases, NLP, ML, and fact extraction to give organizations the best of both worlds – precise and consistent results with the ease of automation. Semaphore automates manual processes for higher precision.

Semantic Integration & Enhancement

NLP, machine learning, and statistical techniques process information (i.e. content, documents, and data) and enrich with relevant metadata in multiple languages.

Classification Review Tools

Assess the quality of classification to drive consistency, identify anomalies and opportunities for model or classification refinement.

Fact Extraction Framework

A model-driven framework for business users to define accurate and robust business criteria for the extraction of required context.

Auto-Classification, Fact & Language Services


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Auto-Classification, Fact & Language Services


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