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​Our Approach

The Semantic AI approach allows you to augment and extend the reach of mainstream AI to reveal enterprise knowledge, eliminate information silos, and provide an authoritative knowledge base for applications and systems at scale.

Semaphore Capabilities

How will you leverage enterprise information across your business?

Semaphore integration capabilities scale across the enterprise so you can easily connect to existing systems. Our visualization tools take user search to the next level with relevant and accurate results, contextual information, and related content – we provide meaning - users find what they need when they need it.

Semantic Integration & Enhancement

Leverage the knowledge model to integrate with existing enterprise technology - no rip and replace - to provide an exceptional user experience.

Contextual UI Navigation

Enhance the user experience with rich context and navigation options. Say-as-you-type and natural language querying can be used to interpret user requests and provide relevant results.

Systems, Applications, and Information Services

Integration and visualization tool kits and product APIs provide blueprints for easing interaction with any content repository, product, or system, eliminating the need for ground-up custom integrations.

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