Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Enhance, accelerate and automate business decisions

What’s the Trend?

AI is no longer a futuristic technology but is increasingly integrated into every aspect of our lives. From fraud detection to predicting stock market price changes to helping doctor’s spot disease, AI when combined with other semantic technologies, can monetize, manage, and measure information as an asset and deliver value to the digital ecosystem.

Our Approach

Semaphore uses the power of AI to render new insights that drive operational efficiencies and transform decision-making to grow your business.

Enhance, accelerate and automate business decisions
Drive operational efficiencies

Apply AI, NLP, and ML strategies to assist the model development process to make better decisions.

Enhance business initiatives

Leverage ML, NLP, and fact extraction to enhance CX, analytics, and other business initiatives.

Transform decision-making

Combine Semaphore’s semantic capabilities with graph technologies to transform unstructured data into structured information to gain new insight and demonstrate ROI.

Semantics and cognitive computing

Harmonize and enrich data. Semaphore extract facts from unstructured data and transforms them into structured information.

White Paper

Semaphore and AI

At Smartlogic, we believe the “A” in “AI” stands for “Assisted” rather than “Artificial,” as it represents the current state of technology and recognizes the collaborative exchange between humans and machines.

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