Metadata Management

A Semantic Framework for Data, Metadata and Governance

​What’s the Trend?

The growing need for organizations to reveal and apply a holistic and complete approach to enterprise data management that enables strategic data initiatives to grow the business.

Our Approach

Semaphore’s semantic approach to data governance and metadata management - structured or unstructured, internal or external to the enterprise - allows organizations to harmonize, extract, and create metadata to decipher, filter, and connect enterprise data. Transforming data into knowledge prevents revenue leakage, minimizes risk, and accelerates growth - allows the business to outpace the competition.

Holistic and Complete

Semantics provides a “universal language” for describing disparate systems. This approach can be used to describe both business and IT concepts where business users gain a connected view of disparate systems without the need for data migration.

Data Inventory

Use a semantic model to represent the format of the data; provides additional value when combined with data catalogs.

Data Catalog

Create a system or application-level data catalog that models the relationship between systems/applications and the data they contain.

Business Data Catalog

Link one or more business glossaries to the data catalog to create a business-centric view. This allows business and technical teams to maintain their own information within the metadata management framework. The models are simply linked together to create a unified view of the semantic business data catalog.

White Paper

A Semantic Framework for Data, Metadata, and Governance

Since 2017, Smartlogic has been positioned as a leader in Gartner’s Metadata Management Magic Quadrant: each year increasing our ability to execute and completeness of vision. In the report, Gartner calls out our advanced semantic capabilities - we are the only organization in the quadrant that takes a 100% semantic approach to data management, governance, and metadata management.

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